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How do you choose the right smartphone, cellphone, tablet or even mobile hotspot? Wirefly carefully reviews hundreds of wireless products for you, pointing out not just the latest gee-whiz technology but also who should buy what mobile product. Whether you’re a soccer mom keeping a busy family on schedule or a road warrior business professional, we’ve got you covered with the reviews and products you need to make the best choice for your life.

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Wirefly Smartphone Schmackdown

Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs. Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone Schmackdown by Wirefly

August 14, 2013 | by Scott Lewis

Pre-Fight Weigh-In:The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is one of the biggest and baddest smartphones available today. Every new smartphone gets compared to Apple's latest phone and they set the bar very high with the iPhone 5. In this Wirefly Smartphone Schmackdown, we show you the differences in build quality and technical specs and give you our opinion on which camera is better. Only a few months separate... read more

Sprint Vital Smartphone

Sprint Vital: Rivaling The Best For Less

July 19, 2013 | by Jacqueline Bailey

The Sprint Vital is an awesome smartphone made by ZTE for Sprint's nationwide network. With Sprint's awesome unlimited plans, this Android smartphone is a dream come true on any budget. At Wirefly, the Sprint Vital is much less expensive than some of the similar high-tech smartphones on the market, like the Samsung Galaxy S III. Running on the Android 4.2 operating system with an impressive 5-inch HD touchscreen display, this smartphone for Sprint will become a vital part in your life. It has built-in Real Racing 3 by EA Games and shows the... read more

Kyocera Torque for Sprint

Kyocera Torque: Tougher Than Your Average Smartphone

July 08, 2013 | by Jacqueline Bailey

This Android smartphone is TOUGH! Available in blue and black, the Kyocera Torque for Sprint is a superpowered smartphone. Running on the Android 4.0 operating system, this phone doesn't just have the ability to endure crazy situations involving water and falling from dangerous heights, but it's fast too! With the ability to surf the web quickly, you can access all the social networking sites that you love, just like any other Android smartphone.

This smartphone's main selling point is its incredible durability. As seen... read more

Google Nexus 4 for T-Mobile from Wirefly Front View

Nexus 4 for T-Mobile: A Faster And More Affordable Smartphone

July 05, 2013 | by Jacqueline Bailey

Get ready for Google's greatest invention yet: the Nexus 4 for T-Mobile. It's a smartphone that receives information straight from Google, ensuring that you always get the updates you want right on time. This smartphone is affordable but still comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S III or iPhone 5 in speed and efficiency. Its HD screen is 4.7 inches, so the phone isn't uncomfortable to hold in one hand. In fact, the Nexus 4 has Gesture Typing that allows you to glide over letters on the keyboard, making typing with one hand easier than ever. The Nexus 4 has an incredible 8MP camera with a panoramic photo feature called Photo Sphere. And after editing pictures, you can use Google + Instant Upload to save... read more

Samsung Galaxy S4, Black Mist, Wirefly

Samsung Galaxy S 4: The Smartphone Of The Future

June 26, 2013 | by Jacqueline Bailey

The Samsung Galaxy S 4, available in Black Mist and White Frost, is so intuitive that it could be from the future. Its camera has incredible features like the Best Face option that takes 5 consecutive shots and lets you create one image with each person's "best face" out of the 5 pictures. This innovative smartphone almost thinks for itself...but instead knows what you're thinking and takes you there faster. With motion sensors, flipping through photos takes all the effort of the wave of a hand - it's that simple! It also recognizes... read more

DNA Helix

DROID DNA by HTC: For Those Who Live Life In High-Definition

June 25, 2013 | by Jacqueline Bailey

The DROID DNA by HTC is an efficient and easy-to-use smartphone with an amazingly clear screen. It's an Android smartphone that is very easy to navigate, so users of any age shouldn't have trouble trying to figure out how it works. The 5-inch screen shows vivid images and makes streaming videos more impressive than ever before. It's fast, easy, and it's easy to store in a bag, making this 4G LTE Android smartphone one of the best. Swiping the Home screen from side to side shows where your organized apps and widgets are located, so nothing is hidden from you. And at the bottom of the screen, there are the 5 "most important" icons that are used frequently, like mail, phone, messages, camera, and a button that displays all of your apps. The DROID DNA may be a smartphone, but it is unlike... read more

Liquipel Treated Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue for Verizon Wireless

Wirefly Online Exclusive: A WaterSafe Samsung Galaxy S III

June 24, 2013 | by Scott Lewis

We all know someone, or maybe we are that someone that accidentally got his or her smartphone wet.  After you're done searching the internet for ways to dry out your smartphone, you pick one and you place your smartphone in a bag full of rice and hope that it dries out and all of your pictures and contacts are safe.  With this Liquipel treated Samsung Galaxy S III you don't have to worry about a little water.  The WaterSafe nano-coating will protect your phone and its contents from an accidental drink spill, a stray snowball, and a summer rain shower.

To apply the Liquipel protective coating on the Galaxy S III, Liquipel places your phone in to a chamber where the air is pumped out to create a vacuum.  They then introduce the special Liquipel formula to the chamber as a vapor. ... read more


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