The Waterproof Kyocera Hydro Elite

by Scott Lewis on October 09, 2013

The Kyocera Hydro Elite looks like any other Android smartphone, but it's not. The Hydro Elite is a waterproof smartphone that is IPX7 certified for water emersion in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. This makes the Kyocera Hydro Elite the perfect phone for anyone that has ever lost a phone due to water damage. While some other waterproof smartphone are big and bulky, the Hydro Elite is a lightweight compact Android smartphone that has all the bell and whistles that you expect in you smartphone and a few you might not have known you wanted.

You might expect a new smartphone to come with a solid 8MP primary camera that shoots video in 1080p high-definition with loads of shooting modes and filters, and the Hydro Elite has that. You might not expect a rugged smartphone to have a high-definition display, wireless charging, or Smart Sonic Receiver technology, but the Hydro Elite has all of that too.

While you can find smartphones with 5 and 6-inch screens, I think the 4.3-inch impact-resistant HD screen on the Hydro Elite is the perfect size to hold and use in one hand. You will never struggle trying to reach the opposite side of the screen with the Hydro Elite. Whether you're watching videos that you took with the 1080p recording primary camera of your child's dance recital or streaming video over the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network, the Hydro Elite will keep you entertained.

Battery life is a big topic of concern when you talk to people shopping for a new smartphones right now. The Kyocera Hydro Elite has a removable 2100mAh battery that will last a user up to 13 hours of talk time and up to 236 hours of standby time. While those are best-case scenarios, in my experience with the Hydro Elite, I was able to get through an entire day with the need to search for a charger. That's something that impressed me about the Hydro Elite. A good amount of Android smartphones that I use tend to need charging later in the evening before I'm ready for bed. Recharging the Hydro Elite can be done in the traditional way or it can be done using the integrated Qi wireless charging technology. If you've never used a Qi wireless charger, you need to get one with your Hydro Elite. Charging your phone is as simple as setting it on a charging mat and comes with the convenience of being able to just pick up your phone and use it if you need to without struggling with cords.

Kyocera Smart Sonic Receiver technology allows you to hear clearly in more places than ever before. The entire display on the Hydro Elite vibrates to clearly transmit the incoming sound from the other party using both sound waves and vibration. There is no receiver speaker, so communication is possible regardless of the phone's position relative to the ear. Additionally, if the screen covers the ear, it's possible to block ambient background noise while communicating - making it easier to hear your friends and family even in noisy environments, such as an airport or crowded store.

Overall, the Kyocera Hydro Elite is the perfect smartphone for many different people. Whether you're someone that wants a phone that is waterproof, a phone that has great performance, or a phone that will last you all day, the Hydro Elite is the right Android smartphone for you.