The Sleek And Stylish LG G2 Android Smartphone

by Scott Lewis on October 09, 2013

The LG G2 is a high-powered Android smartphone that is currently available for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile that will be available for Sprint later this year. A few months ago, I was lucky enough to attend the LG G2 launch event in New York. During this event, LG executives got on stage and explained everything that went into the design and construction of their new flagship phone. There was one fact that they kept driving home throughout the presentation and that was the fact that they put thousands of hours of research into the design, the software, and the hardware that they selected for the G2.

When you look closely at the LG G2, you'll notice it is not designed like most smartphones on the market today. LG, through all of the research that I talked about earlier, decided to go with a simplistic design that highlighted the bright and vibrant 5.2-inch High-definition LCD display. They specifically chose a 5.2-inch display because their research showed that this is the maximum size a display can be and still be used with only one hand conveniently and comfortably. Upon further inspection, you'll notice that where there is normally a power and volume button you will find the sleek smooth outside case with no buttons protruding from the side. LG placed the power and volume buttons on the back where from their research, your pointer finger normally rests. Not only do the buttons on the back serve their normal purpose, but because they are so conveniently located, they also serve as shortcut keys. A long press of the volume up button, you can launch the note pad to write down a thought or item for a shopping list. To capture spontaneous moments faster, a long press of the volume down button will launch the camera that is instantly ready to start snapping pictures.

The LG G2 is packed with all of the great customization options that Android users have come to know and love. The Android 4.2.2 operating system on the G2 is layered with LG's user interface that is very snappy and responsive. One of my favorite customization options on the G2 is the ability to change the navigation button layout at the bottom of the phone. This is very beneficial and cuts down on the learning curve of a new phone if you are coming from a phone with a different button layout. In the settings menu, you have the ability to choose the layout and even if you want a three or four button layout. If you're like me, you sometime place your phone on a desk or table while in a meeting or out at lunch. With all of the buttons on the back of the phone, you might wonder how you would turn your phone on to check messages without picking it up. A feature of the LG user interface allows you to "Knock On" your LG G2 with two taps on the screen. The double tap on the screen will wake up your sleeping G2 and allow you to unlock and navigate through the phone. When you're ready to lock it again, simply double tap on the display again and you will lock your phone and place it in standby.

Powering all of the great software and tucked inside the sleek design is some very impressive hardware. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, Adreno 330 graphics processor, and 2GB of RAM power the LG G2. This very powerful combination runs the G2 with no lag or hang-ups and moves you from app-to-app with no hesitation. All of the power that the G2 has available is great, but my favorite piece of hardware in the LG G2 is the 13 MP primary camera that has optical image stabilization. The optical image stabilization allows the camera's lens to move independently from the motion of the phone. This means that your images will have less blur and your videos will be steadier. The zero lag shutter on the G2 will help you capture those fast moving moments with great clarity. This is perfect if you like to take picture of your kids or pets because they never sit still.

The LG G2 is the complete package. It has stunning good looks, great user friendly software, and the latest hardware. If the LG G2 peaks you're interest, I would recommend checking out our Wirefly review video that covers a few different topics and includes some sample pictures and video from the LG G2. When You're ready to buy the G2, make sure to check for a price that is way lower that you can find at your local carrier store.