Samsung Galaxy S III – So Easy, My Mother Can Use It

by Wirefly Buzz on May 06, 2013
Device Name: Samsung Galaxy S III with 16GB Blue for Verizon Wireless
Operating System: Android
Available Carrier(s): MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Available Color(s): Blue, Black, & White (Verizon Wireless); Titanium Gray, Pebble Gray & Marble White (T-Mobile); Blue, Purple & White (Sprint)

Tell Me About It

You might as well embrace it. You are probably the main source of information to your parents about anything to do with technology. 

"Should I get an iPhone?" My mother asks me.

"Not unless you're a lemming," I answer.  Realistically, the only reason she asked me is because every year Apple launches a new phone, it has the same name and that is easy for her to remember.  Don't get me wrong.  My mother is relatively tech-savvy.  She is quite active on Facebook, can pin with the best of them on Pinterest, and has amassed a very impressive collection of movies, music and videos that she downloads online.  She also knows her way around a smartphone enough to enjoy texting and emailing more so than the average teenager.  But an early adapter, my mother is not.  She defers to me for recommendations on all things electronic, including her next cell phone. 

And I understand why she suggested the iPhone.  It's a household name that everyone knows. And she doesn't need to understand the difference between Android and Droid or which Galaxy Samsung is living currently on. But, ultimatley, is an iPhone really the best choice for my mother?  My answer is a resounding "NO"!  There are far too many smartphones out there that offer many more bells and whistles that my mother could genuinely benefit from and one, in particular, comes to mind immediately.

I simply advised her, "What you should do is step out of your comfort zone and get the best phone."

The Samsung Galaxy S III is a smart pick for anyone in the market for a smartphone:  Verizon Wireless, Sprint, or T-Mobile

Who It's Good For

In addition to my mom, this phone would be a perfect fit for just about anyone. Tech-savvy, new user and the power user.  Plus, with its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 recently coming to market (as of 05/06/13), you can snag the Galaxy S III for a great price at Wirefly

What Makes It Great

  • Large screen with great resolution and picture
  • Super easy to text and the "predictive text" make you fast and efficient
  • Excellent 8 megapixel camera and a front-facing camera for video chat
  • Excellent for Navigation
  • Great value for the price of the phone

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

The Samsung Galaxy S III is an ingenious, highly advanced Android-powered smartphone that is equally intuitive as it is easy to navigate that even my mother can use it.  This impressive device, which is available on Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint and Metro PCS, has a huge screen. It's big enough to read her email without her bifocals! At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy S III is so slim it could fit easily in her pocket (though I know she will put it in her large "duffle bag-sized" purse where she could store a lifetime supply of anything).  The 8-megapixel camera takes amazing pictures. She can easily use it on family vacations instead of her point & shoot camera.  The Android OS is so intuitive, that she won't need any assistance with set up.  Instead, she can immediately set up her social feeds so she can chat with friends and family all day long and begin to text or video chat with me via Skype to ask how to use her Mac computer (oh the irony).  Even better, she will be so cool with the ladies at her book club when she shows how she can use her e-reader app. We all know that being the coolest in book club is the golden standard of high social status.

And I cannot say enough about the Navigator app!  It's truly the most advanced out there.  You can press a button, name a location and the voice recognition software will pick up where you want to go and direct you to your desired location.  All this without having to hear backtalk from an annoying voice's like that girl named Siri.  There are so many free apps you can download to make your life easier.



The Samsung Galaxy S III is a far superior phone than even its closest iCompetitor.  You can get this device regardless of your provider, and you will get great performance for great value.  Don’t pay extra for an iNferior smartphone.