Nokia Lumia 928: A bright light shining through the Windows Phone 8 pane

by Megan Murray on May 16, 2013
Device Name: Nokia Lumia 928 Black for Verizon Wireless
Operating System: Windows
Available Carrier(s): Verizon Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Available Color(s): Black & White

Tell Me About It

The Nokia Lumia 928 smartphone from Verizon Wireless is probably the best Windows Phone device to hit the market thus far, even surpassing its highly regarded AT&T cousin, the Nokia Lumia 920, which had garnered much consumer praise and industry appeal when it launched late last year.  Noteworthy features (and improvements) include a more streamlined design, an amazing camera with Xenon flash, a new AMOLED display for crisper, brighter images and, perhaps most important, an affordable price tag!

Who It's Good For

Whether you are a first-time smartphone user or long time power user, Windows Phone 8 devices, like the Nokia Lumia 928, deliver a truly personal phone experience that is as familiar and easy to use as a PC yet bursting with the most cutting-edge technology.  It offers seamless integration with the many Microsoft productivity tools we have all come to rely on like Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.  With standard Windows Phone 8 features like Live Tiles combined with Nokia’s advanced hardware and software, the Nokia Lumia 928 was designed to bring together what customers care about most – stylish design, ease of use, top-notch social network integration, exceptional multitasking, and rich mobile entertainment.

What Makes It Great

  • 4.5" PureMotion AMOLED display for crisp text and bright, bold colors
  • High-end 8.7 MP camera Xenon & LED flash offer a top-notch performance, particularly in low light conditions
  • Front-facing camera for video chat
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor lets you switch quickly between email, apps, games and video at lightning fast speeds
  • Global Ready so you can take it with you on your International travels
  • Verizon's 4G LTE Network

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Stylistically, Nokia designed the Lumia 928 to be super sleek and ultra-thin with sharp corners and flat sides - a wise improvement to its cousin the Lumia 920, which was a bit clunky and thick.  And clearly Nokia also heard those naysayers who complained that the 920 was too heavy, because the 928 is ultra-lightweight.   Under the hood, the Lumia 928 is quite similar to the 920.  Both run on Windows Phone 8 OS with a speedy 1.5GHz dual-core processor for seamless multitasking and fast performance.  They also both have a 4.5-inch 720p HD screen.  However while the 920 features an LCD display, the 928 opted for AMOLED technology, which should make colors more vibrant and vivid. 

Just like the Nokia Lumia 920, the 928 also boasts an 8.7-megapixel camera with image stabilization and PureView image processing, but the 928 takes it up a notch by including a xenon flash in addition to LED, which Nokia claims will boost image performance, particularly in low light conditions.  Users will also fall in love the Smart Shoot app, which captures five frames for each picture, to create a stunning final image by selecting the best faces from each frame    For more information, including Wirefly’s price on this hotly anticipate device visit:


When shopping for your next phone, we highly recommend expanding your search beyond iOS and Android to include this hot new Windows Phone 8 smartphone.  Available in both black & white color variants, not only do the features of Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon Wireless shine bright, its affordable price makes it stand out in the crowd.  Show now and save at