The Google Doodle In The Form Of A Smartphone

by Candace Owens on October 16, 2013
Device Name: Moto X Black for Verizon Wireless
Operating System: Android
Available Carrier(s): Sprint, Verizon Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Available Color(s): Black & White (Verizon Wireless & Sprint)

Tell Me About It

Smart phone? What's a smart phone? Hmmm maybe I should Google it.... What's this? Oh, the Google Doodle today is a game... Let me play a round or 20 before I Google "what is a smart phone"...

Yes, this is what millions do every day. Well imagine that same fun on your phone! Google recently acquired Motorola and decided to put all the fun of the Doodle in their new Moto X smartphone! The look, the feel, the interface is like the fabric of our lives. And why shouldn't it be? Assembled here in the US, the Moto X is everything I would expect from Google, Motorola, and America.

Who It's Good For

The Moto X by Motorola is perfect for anyone new to smartphones because it is so easy to use with its intuitive Android operating system. The Moto x is also a great smartphone for the advanced Android user. The amount of customization options paired with the light user interface on the Moto X phone makes it the perfect phone for anyone looking for a solid Android smartphone.

What Makes It Great

  • By just saying "OK Google Now", you can check messages, get directions or do just about anything
  • Never miss a picture, just pick up your Moto X and twist your wrist, it is now ready to shoot!
  • 4.7" AMOLED screen that quietly displays information with out interuption or battery drain
  • 10 MP Rear facing Camera, 2MP front facing is ready with a twist of your wrist.

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

My first experience with the Moto X went much like the one described above. It started with a simple question: What is the Moto X? I Googled it and saw some exciting pictures and said to myself I have to see this in person. So here I am holding one in my hand! Unlike some other smartphones, the Moto X sports sleek rounded corners and a curved back cover. It lacks clunky borders and garners a 4.7" high-resolution OLED screen. While the screen looks HUGE, the Moto X fits comfortably in your hand and feels extremely light. It feels so right that I never want to put it down.

The Moto X is much more than just a cute and stylish phone. It's by every sense of the words a super smart phone. It has a long lasting battery that will give you 13 hours of talk time and 24 hours of mixed use. Its' processor tracks and detects motion. So even when it's not in use you can do simple task like check the time by just picking up the phone or use the camera with a twist of your wrist. No really, you twist your wrist twice and the camera launches!

I loved that this phone felt like it knew what to do. I didn't have to tell it what to do. When your battery is low alerts are illuminated at only the pixels that it needs. No need to press a lot of buttons either. When I needed Google Now, Google's version of a virtual phone assistant like Apple's Siri, all I had to do was say "Ok Google Now". If I had missed calls or a text message, one touch and they were listed. The integrated Motorola Assistant reads my text messages aloud to me while I drive which allows me to stay focused on driving. It also allows me to go to meetings, lunches and even sleep with no interruptions.

Coming from an Apple product, I thought that I may have some challenges, but surfing the web was easy, watching video on YouTube was vibrant, checking email and updating my calendar were simple and seamless. Snapping quality photos with one touch was priceless. Even playing Candy Crush between meetings was a breeze.


This phone looks good, sounds crystal clear and is very intuitive. If you would like to see more on the Moto X please check out Wirefly's video review at the top of this post.  Much like my daily encounter with the Google Doodle this phone exceeded my expectations and makes me want to keep coming back for more.