The Best Gym MP3 Player I've Ever Used

by Rob W. on October 08, 2013

For the past 5 years, health and fitness have become more important to me.  In fact, it has turned me in to somewhat of a gym rat.  While at the gym, I have always used my smartphone or an iPod for musical inspiration.  There are a few problems with using these devices as your music player at the gym.  Using your smartphone as your MP3 player, you run the unnecessary risk of exposing your phone to drops or other physical damage.  The issue with using an iPod as your music player at the gym is that it is cannot hold up to exposure to water or sweat without some damage.  The other issue I run into with both of these devises is that I find myself messing with interfaces when I should be working out.  


I own a Samsung smartphone, which led me to the Samsung Muse 4GB MP3 player. It is a small no frills lite weight 4GB MP3 player. The included earbuds are some of the best I've had come with any product.  The earbuds fit comfortably in my ears and stay in place while I am working out.  Transferring music to the Muse is super quick with the included Muse Sync software. The sound quality is fantastic for all types of music whether it's pop, rap, rock or country.  The Muse also lets you sync directly with your Android smartphone which is something Android fans have been eagerly waiting for.  SO, if you're in the market for a lite weight MP3 player that works with your Android Smartphone, the Muse 4GB MP3 player is the one you've been waiting for.