Apple iPhone 5 vs. Google Nexus 4 Smartphone Schmackdown by Wirefly

by Scott Lewis on April 19, 2013

Pre-Fight Weigh-In: The Google Nexus 4 came out after Apple's iPhone 5, but does that mean it is better than the iPhone 5?  In this Wirefly Smartphone Schmackdown, we show you the differences in build quality and technical specs, and then you can take a look at some sample photos from both phones.  At the end of each round of our Schmackdown, we declare a winner and an overall champion at the end of all three rounds.  Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!



 iPhone 5Google Nexus 4EdgeHIGHLIGHTS

Round 1: Design


Phone Build Quality

Aluminum body with

a glass front

Plastic bezel with a glass

front and back

 iPhone 5
  • High quality feel on both phones

Physical Size and Weight

7.6mm thick

3.65oz total weight 

9.1mm thick

4.90oz total weight 

 iPhone 5
  • Minimal difference in your hand

Display Size

4.0" IPS LCD Display

4.7" IPS LCD Display

Nexus 4
  • Dramatic difference in screen size

Screen Resolution

640 x 1136 pixels

769 x 1280 pixels

Nexus 4
  •  Slight edge to the Nexus 4

Pixel Density

326 pixels per inch

318 pixels per inch

  • Difference not noticeable


Integrated  1440mAh batteryIntegrated 2100mAh battery  Nexus 4
  •  Both phones have non-removable batteries

Round 1 Victor Is:


Round 2: Specs





 1.3GHz dual-core

A6 processor

1.5GHz quad-core

S4 Pro processor 

Nexus 4
  • Both phones are very snappy and responsive 


1GB RAM 2GB RAM  Nexus 4 

On-Board Storage

16, 32, or 64GB8, or 16GBiPhone 5
  • iPhone wins because of more options

Expandable Storage

  • Both phones are missing this key feature
 Round 2 Victor Is:
 Round 3: Camera    

Primary Camera

8 Megapixels8 Megapixels  

Front Camera

1.2 Megapixels1.3 Megapixels  

Camera Features

High Dynamic Range,

Panorama, Face Detection

High Dynamic Range,

Panorama, Face Detection,

Photo Sphere

Nexus 4

Sample Photos

 (Samples Displayed Below)(Samples Displayed Below)  Nexus 4
  • Samples from the Nexus 4 had better color 
 Round 3 Victor Is:
Schmackdown Winner CHAMPION!!!  
Sample Photo From Apple iPhone 5Sample #1 from Apple iPhone 5
Sample Photo From Google Nexus 4Sample #1 from Google Nexus 4
Sample Image from Apple iPhone 5 SmartphoneSample #2 from Apple iPhone 5
Sample Photo From Google Nexus 4 SmartphoneSample #2 from Google Nexus 4
Panorama Photo Sample iPhone 5Sample #3 from Apple iPhone 5
Panorama Photo Sample Google Nexus 4Sample #3 from Google Nexus 4

The Final Score Card

The iPhone 5 and the Google Nexus 4 are two very closely matched smartphones.  The one you select might end up being dictated by which operating system you prefer to use.  To learn the differences between these two different user experiences, watch our Wirefly video on the difference between the Android and iOS operating system.  Watch more Android and iPhone videos on our Wirefly YouTube channel.