Wirefly's Living The Smartphone Social Life

by Scott Lewis on August 15, 2013

If getting the best possible price for a new product helps you enjoy it better, than you're just like me. Knowing that I got the best possible price on a new car, vacation, or smartphone helps me enjoy using it even more. Wirefly is teaming up with LivingSocial to offer the Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless for only $5.00 for a limited time.

To get this LivingSocial offer from Wirefly follow the link at the bottom of this blog post. Purchase the special offer for $5.00 and you will receive a LivingSocial coupon code to use on Wirefly to get the Samsung Galaxy S III at no additional charge. Follow the next link to redeem your coupon code on Wirefly and pick out your color. The very popular Samsung Galaxy S III comes in a White, Blue, and Black option.

With more than 30 million Samsung Galaxy S III Android Smartphones sold worldwide, you are getting the most popular smartphone on the planet for only $5.00. Not sure if the Samsung Galaxy S III is the right phone for you? Watch our full review video of the GS3 in action or see how it stacks up against the very popular iPhone 5.

Link to purchase the LivingSocial deal: http://bit.ly/Buy_GS3_LivingSocial_Deal

Link to redeem coupon on Wirefly: http://bit.ly/Redeem_WF_LivingSocial