THIS WEEKEND-Daylight Savings Time 2014 Begins

by Tracy Lewis on March 06, 2014

This Sunday, March 9th, marks the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. This time adjustment doesn't only mess with your sleep schedule it can also interfere with the timekeeping of medical devices, travel, and record keeping. Your smartphone and tablet will adjust on their own as long as in your settings you have selected to use network provided time. It is usually the default setting. If you would like to verify go into the settings. On the Samsung Galaxy S4 go into Settings, More, Date and Time, and make sure that the Automatic date and time box is checked. It is really very simple. A few other household devices will automatically adjust, but be sure to change things like your microwave, stove, and alarm clocks. You may also have to adjust the auto programming of your thermostat and of course any analog clocks. Don't forget the clock in your car, that one is often forgotten about. A very good habit to get into is to change out your smoke detector batteries at this time.

In the United States the official time change occurs at 2:00am local time. This hour was chosen because it allows for the least disruption in daily activities. Daylight Savings Time was originally introduced in the early 1900's and helped greatly in the farming process. Now most people do not depend on their own farming, but it gives additional daylight for things like sporting events and even aids in reducing heating and cooling costs.

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