Verizon Wireless Share Everything Plans

by Jacqueline Bailey on August 01, 2013

Verizon Wireless had introduced its Share Everything plans a while ago, which meant unlimited talk, text, and shareable data. However, there is a new change in these data-filled plans that are beneficial to you, the customer.

The new aspect of Verizon's Share Everything plan is its removal of the 300MB plan, which was limited to only one smartphone on a plan. This is being replaced by a 500MB plan.

The 500MB is the same price as the 300MB plan but it has no restrictions. What does all of this mean for you, the customer? Wirefly is here to explain.

With this new plan, you won't have to worry about going over your data because you can send as many text message and pictures as you want! You pick the plan that is right for you, which you can share it among 10 devices.

But, with this recent Verizon Wireless change, customers who are happy with the 300MB plan can keep it. The change is for those who already have a 300MB and would like a little more data and flexibility in their line(s) of service.

Once you choose which ten devices you want to share your 500MB (or however much you'll need) of data with, you can use them to your heart's desire. So take a look at the Share Everything plan changes and grab a new Verizon Wireless smartphone from Wirefly!