Verizon Updates Plans To Bring You The More Everything Plan

by Scott Lewis on February 13, 2014

This morning Verizon Wireless announced some updates and a name change to their Share Everything plans. The newly branded MORE Everything plans are truly a step in the right direction for the second generation of data sharing plans from Verizon Wireless.

Ken Dixon, chief marketing officer at Verizon Wireless feels that "MORE Everything changes the game by adding even more of what customers want from their wireless provider in a single, simple monthly plan" and that "Verizon Wireless led the way with the introduction of shared data plans, and MORE Everything is the next leap forward with more storage, more messaging and more choice, all on a 4G LTE network that is unmatched in coverage and capacity".

Available starting today on, the MORE Everything plans deliver a simplified data allowance that might have doubled in amount from their previous plan for the same cost, gives you the ability to send unlimited international messages, and MORE everything customers who choose Verizon Edge will also receive $10 off their monthly smartphone access for data allowances up to 8GB and $20 off on 10GB plans and higher. With more people storing more content in the cloud, free cloud storage space is at a premium. Each line of service you have on a new MORE Everything plan is give 25GB of cloud storage space which means that plans with 10 lines of service will be given 250GB of cloud storage for FREE.

If you are a current Verizon Wireless customer on a Share Everything plan, you will be automatically moved to the new MORE Everything plan and can immediately start enjoying the benefits. If you want to look at all of the MORE Everything plans to see which one is right for you, all of the MORE Everything plans can be viewed on Wirefly.