Top 5 Apps For Your Tablet

by Michele Farlow on December 30, 2013

Now that Christmas is over, it is safe to say that tablets and the Apple iPad still topped most people's list this year. The iPad mini, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, and many others flew off the shelves this past month quicker than we could say "SOLD." Well, now that you have your very own tablet to enjoy, what are must-have apps?

Here at Wirefly, we have come up with a top 5 must-have list for the apps we feel are important on a tablet. The list is as follows:

1. Facebook - Whether you have a smartphone or a tablet, it is a must-have. Leading the social media world with 1.2 billion people according to Top Tech News, you can stay in touch with friends and family while watching videos and viewing their photos on a bigger and brighter screen.
2. YouTube - Catch up on your favorite videos and see what's trending instantly. Again this app is enjoyed more on a tablet simply because of its size and quality of video.
3. Netflix - For those of you who do not yet subscribe, what are you waiting for? Enjoy thousands of movies and TV shows instantly from your tablet. With an introductory one month free trial you can see just how much there is to offer.
4. Skype - This is great for making free calls to your friends and family on a tablet. You can also see them face-to-face through your screen, which a great for anyone that has an Android or Windows tablet and does not have Face Time.
5. Maps - You can take your tablet with you on the road and use it as your very own GPS System. Maps allows you to navigate from one location to the next, and also gives you voice-guided GPS navigation for driving, biking, and even walking.

Needless to say this only skims the surface of all of the amazing apps that are must-haves for your tablet. The list could go on and on. What is great is that new apps are released every day and with most of the tablets out there, you will get enough storage to download many of these and not need to buy more storage or delete other apps.