T-Mobile’s Simple Starter Plan Now With 4 Times High-Speed Data

by Guile Canencia on August 26, 2014

It appears that the contest between T-Mobile and Sprint over plan pricing is not over yet. T-Mobile is now providing subscribers of its $40 Simple Starter plans four times the amount of high-speed data, plus a new promo targeted to those who only log low to average data usage on single lines.

Beginning September 3rd, for an extra $5.00 per month, customers on Simple Starter plans can now enjoy 2 gigabytes of data, a significant upgrade over the 500 megabytes previously offered by the carrier for this particular type of plan. In other words, subscribers now get 2 gigabytes of LTE data as well as unlimited calls and texting for only a monthly fee of $45.00.

Before, the only way customers could increase their data privileges is by getting an additional on-demand pass to their plans. The passes would typically allow subscribers to use an extra 500 megabytes for 24 hours for a fee of $5.00, or avail of 1 gigabyte for a single week only and pay $10.00. As of now, nothing suggests that both passes will not be available for subscribers who will take advantage of T-Mobile's $45 2 gigabyte offer.

The main thing that differentiates Simple Starter plans from Simple Choice plans is that the former does not include unlimited data. Data is usually capped at the high-speed limit, and once a subscriber has used up the monthly inclusion, the service is typically stopped until the start of a new billing cycle.

Also, Simple Starter plans do not provide access to international features that are normally included in Simple Choice plans. Moreover, it has a limit of 50 megabytes for data roaming and does not cover free streaming for music.

Simple Starter plans were originally launched by T-Mobile as an entry-level option for subscribers who are only learning how to use smartphones. But with the bumped up data usage for only $5.00 per month, this plan is starting to become a much better offering compared to the carrier's $50 Simple Choice plan, which only offers 1 gigabyte high-speed data usage, albeit with unlimited throttled data.

All things considered, the revised T-Mobile Simple Starter plan is not a bad deal at all. It is particularly ideal for those who can do without international services. Those who do not wish to be tied into a contract may also find the Simple Starter plan right up their alley. It is also an excellent option for those who do not want to incur overages -- the plan's hard cap on data usage takes care of that. Lastly, those who reside in areas with good T-Mobile coverage could definitely take advantage of the 2 gigabyte LTE data service.

The upgraded Simple Starter plan follows in the heels of T-Mobile's refer-a-friend promo launched just last week. In that promo, T-Mobile customers who can persuade their friends to switch from Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon into T-Mobile will be rewarded with one year of free unlimited LTE data, or if they are already under an unlimited LTE plan, a $10.00 monthly bill credit. Now, with the new Simple Starter Plan, the Uncarrier is continuing to make an aggressive effort to keep or grab customers. Learn more about what T-Mobile offers -- start comparing T-Mobile plans now.