Sprint Announces Sprint Unlimited Guarantee & New Plans

by Dawn Van Dyke on July 12, 2013

While Sprint continues to be the only carrier to offer truly unlimited data plans, other carriers have been shaking things up and some have even eliminated unlimited options. Sprint customers may have feared it was only a matter of time until the popular and long-time dependable (for the wireless industry anyway) Sprint Simply Everything plans got a make-over too.

Fortunately, the new Unlimited, My Way and My All-in plans with Sprint Unlimited Guarantee announced by Sprint today are all good news, offering savings, flexibility, and the security of unlimited for life.

Unlimited, My Way (for individual and family accounts up to 10 lines)

For years, all Sprint customers have enjoyed the unlimited Data Everything plans, while selecting the allowance of voice minutes and text messages best for them. For some folks, though, that meant paying for unlimited data when they didn't need that much.

Now, with Unlimited, My Way, customers can talk and text all they want, while selecting the data allowance for each phone on the account individually. Choose from Unlimited ($30 per smartphone line, $10 per non-smartphone line) or 1GB package ($20 per smartphone line) according to your needs. On compatible smartphones, activate the Mobile Hotspot feature with 1GB of internet access for all your WiFi-enabled devices, like tablets ($10 per month). The Wirefly Data Usage Estimator can help you determine the right data allowance for each family member's phone.

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My All-in Plan (for individual accounts only)

The best value for those who love to use their smartphones all day, and sometimes all night too, is the new My All-in plan, which includes unlimited talk, unlimited text, unlimited data, and 5GB of Mobile Hotspot access. That is unlimited email, unlimited Instagrams, unlimited Facebook posts, unlimited YouTube videos, unlimited gaming... well, you get the point. It is unlimited everything on the Sprint network. The 5GB monthly Mobile Hotspot allowance, available on compatible phones, is perfect for sharing your Sprint Internet access with tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and anything else WiFi-capable.

Sprint All-In

Sprint Unlimited Guarantee

Both the Unlimited, My Way and the My All-in plans include the new Sprint Unlimited Guarantee. This promise means your unlimited talk, unlimited text or unlimited data is protected for the life of the line of service. This offer is not available on the legacy Data Everything and Simply Everything plans. However, current customers can switch to the new Unlimited, My Way or My All-in plans with Sprint Unlimited Guarantee with no contract extension required.

Of course, the famous Simply Everything and Everything Data plans continue to be available as well. It is nice to see Sprint offering more plans so customers can save money by picking the plan that is right for them. And the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee to secure any unlimited features you choose today for life is pretty amazing - and exclusively from Sprint.

These great new plans will be rolling out very soon on Wirefly, and give our wireless customers even more options to pick a plan that's just right for them. When they do become available, as always, see complete details at time of purchase.