Wirefly's Quick Short Cut Tips For Your Smartphone

by Jacqueline Bailey on August 01, 2013

Over the years, smartphones have developed into a true sidekick for every user. Whether your smartphone has become your right hand or if you only use it for social media or pictures, you probably don't know at least one of the things on this list of tips and tricks. Here are some great things that you may not have known your smartphone was capable of:

Quick! Silence Your Smartphone!

Sometimes you can get caught in a bad situation involving a quiet room and a loud ringtone. On most smartphones, pressing one of the side buttons, whether it's the up or down volume key or power key, will silence your smartphone. This comes in handy for quick silencing and ending an awkward moment quickly, before anyone can figure out whose ringtone is Katy Perry's latest song.

Sentence Time-Saver 

There are many texting shortcuts that smartphones have developed over the years. Most smartphones allow you to press the space bar twice in order to add a period to the end of a sentence, and automatically capitalize the next word. This texting shortcut can save time while you type, as opposed to having to go into the characters section of your keyboard to find where the period is.

Don't Forget The Milk 

Google Now is a great feature on any smartphone. One of the best things it can do is set a reminder based on your location telling you, for example, what to pick up at the grocery store. So when you leave for work in the morning, you can speak into your smartphone to tell it what to pick up at the store later that night. And once you get in range of your local grocery or get inside the store, the reminder will pop up with your grocery list. Be careful though, because if you set the reminder while you are at work, away from the store you locally shop it, it will pick up the address of the store nearest when you set the reminder.

Did You Call? 

Some of you may accidentally pocket-dial numbers, or press the wrong contact with your clumsy fingers. If you press the call button twice on your keypad, it will automatically call the last number you dialed. This can be convenient if you call the same contact several times during the day, so that you don't have to scroll through a list of people.

Tech-tiles: Whether You're Tech-savvy Or Not 

Tech-tiles are awesome stickers that you can place wherever you like (work desk, steering wheel, etc.) and program them with the Tech-tile app on your smartphone. The Tech-tiles can be used to adjust sound or connection settings, or even send a preprogramed text message to a set list of contacts. For example, at work, you always forget to put your phone on "vibrate" and your co-workers are tired of hearing your noisy ringtone. With Tech-tiles, you can put your phone on whatever setting you like by tapping your smartphone to the sticker that sits on your desk. And after that, your phone will be silent or on "Emergency Only" contact mode.

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