by Dawn Van Dyke on August 06, 2013
Beginning today, the latest Verizon Wireless DROID smartphones are available for preorder with Wirefly's 30-Day Price Guarantee. Be among the first to get a DROID MINI, DROID ULTRA or DROID MAXX smartphone without waiting in line at a store. 
All three of these innovative Android 4.2 smartphones include new touchless control features similar to Google Glass that use simple voice commands. For example, if you lose your phone (and who hasn't?) just say out-loud, "Okay Google Now, Call My Droid." If your phone is nearby, even if it is asleep, it will start ringing so you can find it. 
Shaking a new DROID smartphone twice automatically opens the 10 megapixel camera function. When you are ready to capture the moment, tap anywhere on the screen - no more fumbling for a dedicated camera shutter button. Share your favorite photos with folks using compatible DROIDs nearby using the new DROID Zap feature. All the other ways of sharing instantly are still available - social network, email, text, etc. This quicker camera means never missing the real-live moment while trying to capture and share with others. 
The DROID MAXX and DROID ULTRA feature impressive 5-inch touchscreens, while the DROID MINI is just-right at 4.3-inch. Sometimes, though, you want a much, much bigger screen. Wireless Display, a new DROID-exclusive, creates a mirror of the DROID smartphone's display on to a compatible HD TV. Show off your favorite photos and videos, stream movies, and even play games on the big screen without buffering. 

Now Available For Preorder: DROID ULTRA by MOTOROLA Smartphone for Verizon Wireless

DROID ULTRA Smartphone for Verizon Wireless in BlackDROID ULTRA Smartphone for Verizon Wireless in Red
The DROID ULTRA is, for now, the thinnest smartphone available. Whether you choose the DROID ULTRA Red or the DROID ULTRA Black smartphone for Verizon Wireless, you'll be impressed with the slim 7.18mm profile. This 5-inch touchscreen smartphone is protected by DuPont KEVLAR and Corning Gorilla Glass. The intelligent speakers optimize what you hear by the type of audio played.

Now Available For Preorder: DROID MAXX by MOTOROLA Smartphone for Verizon Wireless

DROID MAXX Smartphone | Verizon Wireless | Touchscreen DisplayDROID MAXX Smartphone | Verizon Wireless | KEVLAR Backplate
The DROID MAXX smartphone is a technology-win with an amazing battery-life of 48 hours of continuous use - 48 hours! That's all day, all night, and then all day and all night again of browsing the web, playing games, streaming HD movies, and more. When you do have to power-up eventually, recharge wirelessly with the built-in wireless charging support (wireless charger base sold separately).

Now Available For Preorder: DROID MINI by MOTOROLA Smartphone for Verizon Wireless

DROID MINI Smartphone | Verizon Wireless | Touchscreen DisplayDROID MINI Smartphone | Verizon Wireless | KEVLAR Backplate
The DROID MINI smartphone for Verizon Wireless is compact without compromise. All the impressive DROID innovations of the DROID ULTRA and DROID MAXX are packed into a 4.3-inch touchscreen Android smartphone that fits perfectly in your hand. Though it is comparatively little, it is fierce with a dual-core 1.7GHz processor and the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.    
Hurry to submit your preorder for this amazing line-up of new DROID smartphones today. The smartphones will be shipped in the order that preorders were received, as soon as Verizon Wireless officially launches - so you want to order first to be first. Wirefly has a great deal on these smartphones (go ahead, compare us to Big Red ;) ).  As always, the Wirefly 30-Day Preorder Price Guarantee means if we drop the price within 30 days, we'll refund our preorder customers the difference.