Liquipel Treated WaterSafe Samsung Galaxy S III by Wirefly

by Scott Lewis on July 30, 2013

Drink spills, pool splashes, puddle-drops happen, and phones drown... or do they? Wirefly is now offering a Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless that comes pretreated with a super-hydrophobic nano coating that's bonded to the phone at a molecular level, making the smartphone WaterSafe.

This WaterSafe Android smartphone can handle accidental spills, splashes, and brief shallow submersion in any noncorrosive liquid without damage. We recently subjected one Liquipel treated phone to multiple water splashes and submersions along with spilling a few adult beverages on it for the purposes of making a video. While we don't encourage you to purposely get the phone wet, the Liquipel treated Samsung Galaxy S III held up to all of the liquid we threw at it and still works just like the day we pulled it out of the box.

There are other ways to keep your smartphone dry, but sandwich bags aren't attractive - or 100 percent effective. Rugged, water-proofing cases while effective add lots of bulk and cover up the original phone design you fell in love with. Liquipel's nano-coating doesn't change the look or feel of the phone. You won't even remember it's there, until you need it to work - and it does.

Forget the bag of rice and the rush to get your phone's battery out before any serious water damage happens. Take advantage of the always-low Wirefly price on the Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless, with the added benefit of not having to send it away to receive the WaterSafe Liquipel coating. We (and Liquipel) have got you covered!