Limited Time T-Mobile Free Activation

by Scott Lewis on August 24, 2013

Right now, Wirefly is offering a $35 activation fee credit for new T-Mobile accounts, or new add-a-lines on existing T-Mobile accounts. That is up to a $175 savings!

The popular T-Mobile Classic Unlimited plans include unlimited talk, text and data. T-Mobile empowers its customers with unlimited data; you simply choose how much 4G data is right for each phone on your account. This eliminates fighting with family members over a shared or fixed amount of data every month. Everyone on your family plan gets their own unlimited data access with an individual allowance of 4G data access. Never worry about overages or surprises on your wireless monthly bill, when you choose T-Mobile Classic Unlimited plan.

T-Mobile recently launched the Samsung Galaxy S 4, an Android phone with one amazing camera. Take advantage of T-Mobile unlimited plans browsing the web, downloading apps and games, streaming video, and more on the huge 5-inch full HD display.

Check out Wirefly for a great price on the GS4 smartphone and other great T-Mobile smartphones and cell phones today. Hurry to get a hot new phone because the $35 credit/new line promotion ends soon - September 30, 2013.