The LG G2 Thinks That You're Perfect...Is It The Perfect Phone For You?

by Scott Lewis on August 08, 2013

Yesterday in New York City, LG unveiled the new LG G2, which is the replacement to their flagship smartphone the LG Optimus G. LG recently announced that they were changing the way that they name their top smartphones. The Optimus name will no longer be part on the naming convention that is used to name their best of the best smartphones.

The Event Details

During the reveal presentation, LG executives covered the five things that make the LG G2 a unique smartphone. Two of the unique topics are physical differences and two have to do with the software running on the G2 smartphone. The fifth and final topic uses a combination of software and hardware to make it unique.


Innovative Design

The first thing that you notice about the new LG G2 is that there is a strange grouping of buttons on the back of the phone that surprisingly feels comfortable and natural when you hold the phone. The volume up-and-down rocker switch, along with the power and sleep button, has been shuffled from the side of the phone to the back under the primary camera and flash. While this may look odd at first, take your current phone and hold it up to your ear as if you were on a phone call. Go ahead...I'll wait. I bet you have one finger on the back of the phone to support it while it is up by your ear. In addition to controlling sound volume, by holding down the volume up button, you activate a shortcut that will take a picture with the front or back camera. Holding the volume down button is a shortcut to launch the quick memo feature to make it quick and easy to write down those great ideas before they're forgotten.

Stunning Display

A first for smartphones on the LG G2 is the use of dual -routing technology that utilizes two connectors on the touch sensor. This allowed LG to reduce the size of the bezel to only .1 inches around the massive 5.2-inch display. This full HD IPS display provides bright crisp whites and more exact, authentic color without over-saturation or eyestrain. The pure rich colors make the G2 perfect for enjoying HD movies and for sharing true-to-life pictures with friends.

High Definition For Your Ears

Most smartphones today have high-definition screens to improve the video watching experience, but most do nothing about the quality of the sound. LG incorporated Hi-Fi Sound in to the G2 Android smartphone that bring a clarity to your movies and music. The Hi-Fi Sound feature benefits the G2 in more than just the playback of prerecorded media. It also allows the G2 to record with greater clarity in noisy environments with the help of three stereo microphones with advanced noise canceling. By using the same three stereo microphones, the G2 also gives you the ability to zero in on a specific audio source so that it can be heard more clearly during playback. It does this by amplifying sound from specified angles and deemphasizing the surrounding noise. This could be a great help to parents trying to record their child's school performance.

An Interactive Smartphone

There are a few interesting features in the LG User Interface that's layered on top of the Android operating system that make the LG G2 smartphone unique. The KnockOn feature of the G2 allows you to tap the display twice to wake it up without having to hit the power button or even pick it up. Guest Mode allows you to hand your phone to your children without worrying about any important email or information being deleted. It's like having two separate profiles on one phone so you can limit the access to applications, information, and the web. The Plug & Pop feature gives your G2 the ability to recognize that you just plugged in headphones. It then automatically offers up an app tray with audio options that you might want to launch, like the music player.

A Great Picture Is Worth A Million Words

The 13 megapixel primary camera on the G2 is perfect for replacing your point-and-shoot camera. With features like Optical Image Stabilization and Dual Recording, the G2 will allow you to capture more clear and interesting pictures. The Optical Image Stabilization technology in the G2 stabilizes your focus while you hold the camera so you get less blur in your photos and less shaking in your videos. This feature is great for night photography too. Lower light settings need longer exposures, creating the potential for more movement to blur images. With OIS, you can get amazing low-light shots, even if you can't hold the G2 perfectly still. Dual Recording allows you to place yourself in the picture even though you are behind the camera. This will allow you to capture special family moments with everyone in them or your reaction while also recording the event you're watching.

The Final Verdict

With all of the great software and hardware innovations incorporated into the G2, it looks like LG's latest flagship smartphone is going to be a winner. However, the big question is how does the G2 stack up against the next big thing from Samsung or Apple? I don't know the answer to that question right now, but can say that I'm excited for the release of this new Android smartphone and that it will be available for Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile here in the US. If you are interested in the LG G2, watch the Wirefly Buzz Blog and our Facebook Fan page for information about a possible preorder and to see our always-low Wirefly price on the LG G2.