It Pays To Try New Things

by Jacqueline Bailey on July 22, 2013

This is way better than when your mom made you try Brussels us. Wirefly has a special limited time offer for those ready for a change! Transfer your current number to a new carrier and you will receive a $40 Visa Gift Card! Trying new things has never been easier.

Claim your $40 Visa gift card when you bring your cell phone number to a new Sprint, Verizon Wireless, or T-Mobile account by August 5, 2013! All you have to do is purchase a new, qualifying smartphone for one of these carriers, agreeing to the 2-year contract, and Wirefly will transfer your existing phone number to the new smartphone. Then, your gift card will be automatically mailed to you - no additional action required. This is NOT a mail-in rebate.

Sometimes people don't like change, especially with a phone number that you and your friends and family have had memorized for years. So make your life easier and try a new carrier but keep your old number!

Some of the great phones offered with a Visa gift card are the Samsung Galaxy S 4 for Verizon Wireless, the HTC One for Sprint, and the Samsung Galaxy S III for T-Mobile. But that's not all, so check out the deal and order a new smartphone online from Wirefly today!

If you've already been thinking about changing wireless carriers, take advantage of this added bonus. Try a new Verizon Wireless, Sprint, or T-Mobile account and get a $40 Visa gift card.

Wirefly is basically paying you to try new things! So transfer your number to a new carrier before 8/5/13 to receive this great deal.