HTC One E8 To Be Carried By Sprint in the US

by Guile Canencia on August 15, 2014

The plastic version of HTC One E8 is going to be introduced in the United States market after all, according to a promotional video posted in the official YouTube channel of Sprint.

When HTC One E8 was first released in the market, it was positioned as a low-cost alternative to the HTC One M8, the flagship mobile phone of HTC. Users who bought the plastic-clad One E8 enjoyed a more budget-friendly option to the One M8, which featured an aluminum body. But those buyers were only limited to China and Southeast Asia, the only regions where the plastic version was available.

But apparently, that is about to change. As seen in a promotional video in Sprint's official YouTube channel, the carrier will be carrying the HTC One E8 and will effectively be introducing it for the first time to American users. It makes sense that Sprint would be the one to bring this HTC phone in US soil. The One E8 model is sold via China Mobile in China and currently supports TD-LTE technology. In the US, Sprint is the only carrier that uses that kind of technology.

As for the American market, they'll have plenty of opportunity to find out for themselves what it's like to use the HTC One E8. Its older brother the HTC One M8 garnered positive reviews when the phone was launched earlier this year. Plus, its metal cover provided a sort of premium appeal. While the One E8 lacks One M8's metallic sheen, it can hold its own. It's still considered a fast smartphone by any standard due to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. Also, its plastic cover allows for more diversity. Users can choose between many colors. Plus, because it's plastic, it's lighter -- something that some buyers may have an appreciation for. Lastly, it's less expensive, which obviously would appeal to budget-conscious buyers.

The other features of the HTC One E8 include 2 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM), a 13-megapixel camera (like the one featured in the HTC Mini 2), and HTC's Sense 6 UI, which already includes features like Motion Launch and BlinkFeed.

The One E8's introduction in the US market should be a boost to HTC. Sales of the HTC One M8 have been modest at best so far. While HTC's industrial design is considered by some to be above the build quality of Samsung, their competitor's Galaxy S5 smartphones is still outselling their flagship One M8 units.

However, the addition of the One E8 model may help HTC regain some of its footing. By shifting their attention to making more cost-effective products and then aggressively penetrating emerging markets, they may have a better chance of attaining continued success.

Check out the HTC One (E8) here.

For their part, the Taiwan-based company has been making an effort recently to cut costs and while it has already gotten back to profitable levels, an equally important task at hand is making sure it's sustainable. The release of One E8 in the US through Sprint may help significantly in that regard. To know more about HTC units, you can start comparing HTC cell phones and plans here.