HTC One Comes To Verizon Wireless This Summer

by Scott Lewis on June 03, 2013

Earlier today, Verizon Wireless tweeted some news that many Android fans have been waiting on pins and needles to hear. “It’s coming – the HTC One will be available on the #Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network later this summer #HTCOne @htcusa”.

This is very important information for Verizon Wireless customers that are eligible to upgrade to a new smartphone. They now have a choice between the hottest smartphones of the summer: the Samsung Galaxy S 4 (in White Frost or Black Mist) and the HTC One (presumably in Glacial Silver or Stealth Black).

While I love both of the color combinations on the HTC One, it would not surprise me too much to hear closer to launch that Big Red has secured an exclusive color much like they did with the Samsung Galaxy S III in Amber Brown and Sapphire Black. These exclusive colors of the GS3 were also a few months late to market so the big question is, what color rabbit will Verizon pull out of its hat?

Wirefly will be sure to bring you the latest info on this new smartphone, and we're sure to have it at a great price soon!

@VZWnews Tweets The HTC One Smartphone Announcement:

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