HTC Advantage- Designed With The Customer In Mind

by Tracy Lewis on February 18, 2014

HTC has announced their new HTC Advantage Program with the goals of promoting the HTC brand while setting it apart from others by showing the importance of the customer experience. The four main points include Screen Break Coverage, Priority Access, Future Proof Guarantee, and Customer Loyalty.

Screen Break Coverage- Broken screens happen more often than we would like, even if you are careful accidents still happen. HTC feels that no one should have to carry a phone with a broken screen, so they have introduced a program that will allow for one free screen replacement in the first 6 months of ownership. This is a huge benefit that many people will be able to take advantage of.

Priority Access- No one likes to call into customer care as it is more than likely because they are having troubles. HTC has committed to easing those difficult experiences by providing Customer Care relating to hardware, software, setting up the phone, dealing with a broken phone, and many others.

Future Proof Guarantee- HTC is hoping to "Future Proof" their devices with the commitment of implementing software updates to guarantee you get the most out of your smartphone device.

Safe and Secure- Creating loyal customers helps to keep the business in right direction. HTC wants to make sure that you are just as happy with your device when you upgrade as were when you got the phone. By using incentives, trials, and giveaways, they plan to keep you engaged and excited throughout your HTC smartphone ownership. Google Drive online storage and HTC Back-Up and Restore are two great programs to complete the customer experience by providing safe and secure cloud storage and back- up options.

With these four pillars, HTC is showing strong dedication to enhancing the overall customer experience through customer involvement and positive connection with the brand.