Get The Best Deal On Your Next Smartphone

by Scott Lewis on August 23, 2013


One of the most difficult decisions we face is choosing the right smartphone and deciding where to buy it. Picking the right phone can be difficult if you don't stay up to date on the latest technology. Believe it or not, you have options that can save you money versus buying a phone at the local carrier store.

Choosing the right phone can be easy if you know where to look. The Wirefly Buzz Blog has written product reviews on the latest smartphones and comparison review videos that can help you choose the phone that's right for you. Under the news tab on the Buzz Blog, you will find information on promotional prices and other special offers. While price shouldn't be the only factor in picking a new smartphone, we realize it should be part of the decision making process. That's why we inform you about all of the phones and show you the special savings available.

Once you settle on which phone you want, make sure to compare the Wirefly price to your local carrier store and other online retailers. How are Wirefly's prices so low?  Because we don't have the high overhead that it takes to run a brick and mortar retail store, we are able to pass the savings along to our Wirefly customers.  You will see the Wirefly advantage in the prices at  Here are a few examples of how Wirefly compares to some of the competition.  

 Note that all pricing below is with a new 2-year contracts that include talk, texting and data as of 8/23/2013.


Samsung Galaxy S 4

 CarrierWireflyAmazonBest BuyLetstalk




 CarrierWireflyAmazonBest BuyLetstalk



Samsung Galaxy S III

 CarrierWireflyAmazonBest BuyLetstalk



There's also one more reason that you don't have to buy from your local carrier store. I hear people say that they don't have time to wait to get their new phone shipped to them. That may be the case for some, but would you wait one day to get your phone to save $50, $70, or $300. I know I could wait to make sure I got the best deal on my new smartphone.