The Future Is Calling!

by Scott Lewis on June 04, 2013

Do you remember the excitement you felt when you donned your cap and gown to go to your high school or college commencement ceremony?  If you have a special graduate in your life, think about giving them the gift of staying in touch as they set off on their new adventures with a new smartphone for SprintT-Mobile, or Verizon Wireless.

A new smartphone is great for that high school grad that is going away to college.  If they start to feel a little homesick and want to see familiar family faces, all they need to do is pick up their new phone and tap on the Skype app.

For that college grad, a new smartphone could mean the difference between getting that first job or not.  With built-in scheduling calendars, all of the phones in Wirefly’s Graduation Sale will help them keep their interview appointments straight.  The built-in Google Maps apps will also help them arrive on-time because they won't get lost.

Need to create or add-a-line to a family plan for your grad?  You can do it all with Wirefly for as little as $9.99 per line per month.  A quick word of advice, if you do not already have unlimited texting, get it.  It is almost a guarantee that your grad will send more text messages in a month than they spend minutes talking on the phone. 

How do you know which smartphone your graduate will enjoy most?  Checkout the Product Review section of the Wirefly Buzz Blog to read more about the latest smartphones.  If you would like a head start, here are Wirefly’s top three smartphones for each carrier.

Verizon WirelessSprintT-Mobile
1. Samsung Galaxy S 41. HTC One 1. Samsung Galaxy Note II
2. DROID RAZR Maxx HD by Motorola2. Samsung Galaxy S 42. Google Nexus 4
3. Nokia Lumia 9283. HTC EVO 4G LTE3. Samsung Galaxy S 4 


Make sure to order now while Wirefly has fantastic prices on the latest smartphones for your high school or college graduate.  While you’re shopping for your grad, don’t forget about good old dad.  Father’s Day, June 16th 2013, is right around the corner and Wirefly has Gifts That Tell Pops He’s Tops.