Free Tech Support On Your New Smartphone!

by Michele Farlow on November 12, 2013

If you are looking to upgrade your smartphone and not deal with the hassle of trying to figure out how to set up your new phone, Wirefly has the answer for you. Shop our wide variety of Android smartphones from Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile and let us do the rest for you.

For a limited time only, when you upgrade or purchase a new smartphone with Wirefly, we will offer Free Tech Support to help you transfer your contacts, photos, apps, and more.

Have you been pondering getting a smartphone for the first time but are worried about getting it set up the way it will work best for you? Worry no more, because with Wirefly's free tech support you can have all of your questions answered with a simple phone call. Take as much time as you need because for 30 days you can call as many times as you need and they will always be there with the answers you need.

Wirefly has teamed up with IT Please, the leader in technical support, to provide you with 30 days of free technical support for each smartphone you activate. No need to manually enter those contacts in one by one; let us make that task simple for you. With 24/7 support you can call anytime it is convenient for you.

The support team will also help you set up your email accounts and answer any questions you might have about how to operate your new device. Rest assured that Wirefly knows how much of a process it can be to switch smartphones, and wants to make sure you do not feel a second of worry.

Order your new smartphone today at Wirefly and take advantage of this great deal before it is too late.