DISH Hopper Not Just An Ordinary DVR!

by Michele Farlow on December 17, 2013

Does it always feel that you have so much to do and not enough time to do it? Do you feel like you are constantly busy with work, carpooling, shopping, and every other thing life throws at you? Most of us wish we could just stop time some days and relax. Nothing is worse than missing your favorite TV show because of that busy schedule and having to hear everyone talk about it at work the next day. Luckily, with the invention of the DVR some years ago, we now have a way to record our favorite shows to watch after everything calms down for the night or even a few days later.

Most of us are already pretty familiar with how amazing having a DVR can be, but what most may not know is that DISH has a DVR that gives all others a run for their money. And what's even better is that right now for a limited time only, Wirefly is offering a FREE upgrade to the DISH Hopper with Sling. But what makes it so great is that the Hopper is not just an ordinary DVR like most are used to.

The DISH Hopper with Sling is a 3-tuner Whole-Home HD DVR that lets you record up to 6 live HD channels at once during primetime and play them back in any room in your home. That is one more recording than most other companies. You can record up to 2000 hours on the Hopper which is 2 times more than any other DVR. That alone would make me want to have this DVR, but what makes it really stand out is that you also get TV Anywhere which is great for viewing on the go, SiriusXM satellite music, thousands of movies from Blockbuster Home, and so much more. If you are anything like me and constantly are losing your remote in the abyss I call a couch, the Hopper has a lost remote control locator. Auto hop allows you to skip commercials for optimal viewing.

With a $199 savings rights now, ordering DISH at Wirefly is a no brainer!