DISH To Become a Wireless Provider?

by Scott Lewis on February 27, 2014

Sources say DISH is likely the winner of the FCC H Block Spectrum Auction.  What does this mean to the rest of us?

This was the FCC's first major spectrum sale in more than five years.  The significance of this to consumers is that the spectrum being auctioned has been approved for use with terresterial and mobile wireless services, including broadband.  DISH's founder, Charlie Ergen, has often expressed desire to enter into the wireless industry, making a DISH a multi- service provider (TV, internet, and cell phone service?).  With the timelines imposed on the spectrum sale by the FCC, the winning bidders will have to deploy service within certain locations within 4 years.  Though, it won't be long before the winning bidder is formerly announced, it is hypothesized that DISH is the winner due to the pre-auction promise DISH made in a deal with the FCC to bid at least the reserve price of $1.5 billion, which was reached.

Why should I care, you ask? The wireless industry is ever changing.  If another large carrier enters the space, having a good amount of spectrum and pre-existing customer base (a la DISH), it could mean the mobile phone market gets even more competitive... and perhaps different.  In addition to the cell space, imagine how it could change the way we get our home services...  Sure many providers offer savings when you bundle TV, internet, and home phone- and some even have deals with other providers allowing you to bundle wireless service too.  Today DISH also offers monthly savings when you bundle TV and satellite internet. But having a satellite TV provider who can broadcast content across a multitude of devices? This could certainly be a gamechanger for the industry.

Stay tuned!