Deal Alert: Free Car Mount With DROID RAZR M By Motorola

by Jacqueline Bailey on June 27, 2013

For a limited time, Wirefly is offering a FREE Car Mount and Rapid Charger with the purchase of a DROID RAZR M by Motorola for Verizon Wireless. New Verizon Wireless customers as well as loyal customers due for an upgrade are eligible for this great offer. And there's an added bonus for upgraders: The DROID RAZR M is FREE! But for new customers, the phone is still a steal at $0.99!

The FREE car dock, valued at $49.98, sticks to your windshield with a sunction cup and securely holds and charges your smartphone while you are on-the-go. Once plugged in, you can conveniently use GPS and navigation to get to your destination safely and quickly. Voice search on the DROID RAZR M and easy-to-use speakerphone also helps to make traveling simpler and slightly safer.

This Android smartphone is one of the best smartphones on the market right now, and its easily affordable price makes it even better! You get the 4G LTE power of any other Android smartphone on Verizon's DROID RAZR M but for $0.99 or less!

The sleek design and size make this smartphone easy to hold and store, but it can still deliver. The DROID RAZR M can stream flawless video while maintaining its speed and 4G LTE power.

And don't forget about the FREE Car Mount and Rapid Charger that come with the smartphone while supplies last.

Make sure to get the DROID RAZR M by Motorola for Verizon Wireless soon! This offer ends July 1, 2013.

FREE Car Dock with DROID RAZR M purchase