CES2014: PETBIT Keeps Track Of Your Pet's Activity

by Tracy Lewis on January 14, 2014

Most people treat their pets as members of their family which means that they are concerned with the health of their dog or cat just as they are their own health. PETBIT allows you to track your pet's activity in real time 24 hours a day. By using the PETBIT Activity Tracker and the PETBIT app you can monitor and track trends in your pet's activity.  It also has a built in acceleromter, temperature sensor, and light sensor. These will allow you to keep track of things like steps taken and temperature.  

After syncing the device using Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet you can set goals for your pet and you will be able to encourage your pet to be healthy and active as well has help to eliminate pet obesity.  The PETBIT has an internal rechargeable battery that charges through USB and lasts up to 1 week. The small and lightweight PETBIT is universal as it clips onto most pet collars. If playing in the rain is your dog's thing, there is no need to worry because the PETBIT is waterproof.

PETBIT was available to check out at CES 2014.  It is currently available for pre-orders, but won't ship until March. The free app will also be available at that time from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  It will be available in a few colors including pink, green, and black.