CES2014: CHECKLIGHT By Reebok Monitors Head Impact During The Game

by Tracy Lewis on January 17, 2014

CES 2014 was full of wearable tech from calorie counters to watches and everything in between. We have all seen the reports that head injuries like concussions are on the rise due to sports related injuries. Reebok has made it a top priority to make sure that when an injury occurs, it can be better assessed. The CHECKLIGHT by Reebok is a skullcap, that can either be worn alone or under a helmet, that measures head impact during sports or other activities.

Using a small display on the back of the neck the CHECKLIGHT displays information such as how hard the impact was and how many total impacts the player has been exposed to.

It does not prevent the injury, but using the built-in sensors it measures the severity of the impacts as well as provides consistent and reliable information to the athlete and coaches. The CHECKLIGHT gives the parents great piece of mind that they are aware of what is going on on the field. CHECKLIGHT is available for sale from Reebok for about $150, but I think it provides priceless information. It is available in various sizes to fit both kids and adults. After getting my hands on one at CES, I am confident that the material that it is made with and overall design will allow it to be comfortable and not interfere with game play. The rechargeable battery allows for continuous use during games and practices. Reebok definitely earned the 2014 Best of Innovations Award with this product.