CES2014: Be Careful The Yellow Jacket Case Will Stun You

by Tracy Lewis on January 17, 2014

I normally think about cases as a way to protect my phone not the phone protecting me, but the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun smartphone case does both. It has a high powered 950,000 volt stun gun built right into the case. Wondering the floor at CES I saw all kinds of neat stuff, limited time kept me from looking at everything, however, how can anyone resist a stun gun demo. Right?


This concept was introduced last year, but the slimmer design, increased power, and other upgrades made to the new products make it even better. The case itself is now detachable from the stun gun portion.

This allows for you to only attach it when it might be necessary. For example, while at the office you don't need to carry it, but you could attach it before you walk into the dark parking garage. It also has some additional safety features to prevent it from going off accidentally. You have to flip the top and slide the safety switch for operation. These are conveniently located so you can still use it quickly. The buttons are also designed so it can be used either with your right or left hand.

The case also provides your phone with an external battery which doubles your phones battery life. This case is currently available for iPhone 4/4s, but will be available in a variety of colors for iPhone 5/5s in February and the Galaxy S4 later this year. There is a pre-order available and they retail for $149.99. It is safety and security for you and your phone.