Boeing Creates Super Secure Black Smartphone

by Tracy Lewis on March 05, 2014

Could there be a new player on the smartphone manufacturer team? Boeing Co. is adding a smartphone to their lineup of fighter jets, airliners, and satellites. It is definitely not going to be your average device. The smartphone, which they are calling Boeing Black, is based on Boeing's idea of Security + Modularity= Productivity. Typical commercial devices are designed with civilian consumers in mind; the Boeing Black is designed right from the start with U.S. Defense and security communities in mind. To provide the necessary security hardware media encryption and configurable inhibit controls are embedded in the device. This will protect the device, the data stored inside, and the transmission of any data. Boeing says that Black will be able to operate on "discrete radio channels" and satellite transceivers.

The smartphone uses a dual SIM system that will allow the phone to work on both government and commercial networks without the concern of interrupted security or privacy. It uses an Android operating system that customers will be able to configure to ensure all-out security and mission productivity.

There is a modular expansion port that will allow for additional mission specific accessories such as separate sensors, satellite connectivity, or even external power supply. Black also offers additional connection ports for USB, SD card, and portable digital media interface.

The advanced location tracking and biometrics increase the security capability. The size, weight, and look of the Black are all very sleek and not big and bulky like you would expect.  The multipe layers of encryption add to the security and confidentiality that the device provides.   The smartphone's enclosed case is designed to deactivate and erase all data when tampered with, this is similar to the idea of the smartphone kill switch.

Boeing has not yet stated a release date or the price point for the Black.