Is Bigger Really Better When It Comes To Smartphones?

by Scott Lewis on February 26, 2014

Until the last few years, cell phone manufacturers were competing with one another to see who could make the smallest phone. Consumers were under the impression that small and compact meant cool and portable. Over the last few years people have changed the way they use their phone, which means that the demands of their phone has changed too. The increasing amount of people that use their smartphones for watching video has led to the demand for an increase in screen size. This new trend does not seem to be going away anytime soon. This week at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona Spain, manufacturers introduced several new super-screen sized smartphones. The new phones ranged in size from 5" to 7" screens. Manufacturers including Samsung, Sony, and ZTE are just a few of the companies that are leading the way with the idea of bigger is better.

The first iPhone was introduced in 2007 with a screen size of 3.5" and consumers thought that was huge. In 2013, Apple introduced iPhone 5s with a screen size of 4". In 6 years they only enlarged the screen 1/2 of an inch. Now 4" is considered small, but still Americans are hesitant to commit to anything over the 5" mark. Many people believe that Americans have not jumped into these new larger phones because they are used to carrying them in their pockets. Many Americans carry iPhones and many of them are carrying both an iPhone and an iPad at the same time. These new larger screen phones will bridge that gap and allow for just one device to be toted with you at all times.

It was only a few years ago that critics poked fun at the manufactures for creating the smartphone tablet hybrid now known as the phablet. People use their smartphones more for entertainment than talking so the awkwardness of holding the phablet to your ear is rarely even an issue. Earlier this week Samsung unveiled the new 5.1" Galaxy S5, which will be released later this year, and if the sales history of the Galaxy S3 and S4 is any indication, it will be a huge hit. Its slightly larger display, faster processor, and an integrated finger print scanner are just a few of the features that are sure to impress.

Maybe one of the newly announced phones will be "the one" to dominate the phablet market and simplify the number of devices you rely on. Is bigger better?