The Best Ways To Save Money With Your Smartphone

by Jacqueline Bailey on January 20, 2014

Wirely has the best online selection of cell phones, smartphones, and phone plans that are also budget-friendly. And not only does having a smartphone make you more high-tech and connected than the rest, but it saves you more money than you would think.

With all the apps you can download for free or just a dollar, you'll find yourself buying other products less and less. 

For example, there are a few useful apps like Google Wallet, Google Keep, and Dropbox that are typically programmed into Android smartphones. All three of these apps make you more organized with money and documents or reminders by keeping what you need in one place. 

The real money saver is a bank app from your bank that helps you find fee-free ATMs in your area. Most ATMs now charge at least a $3.00 transaction fee if you're not a member of that bank. This will save you time and money when all you have to do is check the app to find your closest ATM. 

Another app that benefits your wallet is GasBuddy. It's designed to show you the cheapest gas based on your location, which can save you about 20 cents each time you go to the pump. Although you may feel inclined to drive to the closest pump in your area, it might just be the most expensive one and maybe driving a few extra miles could save more money than you think!

There are tons of smartphone apps out there that you'll love and will wonder what you ever did without it, like Grocery IQ, which organizes your lists and provides you with coupons. There's an app for almost everything, and they're usually free!

Once you own a smartphone, you'll become way more efficient with your money and time. Having a smartphone is a better way of life! So make sure to look online at Wirefly for the best offers of affordable and high-tech smartphones so you can start saving!