Three Ways Your Smartphone Has Changed Your Life Around The House

by Tracy Lewis on December 27, 2013

Whether you realize it or not, your smartphone has, over time, changed your life forever. Some of the ways are very basic and some are very intricate, but most of them we couldn't go a week without. The three ways that your smartphone has changed your life around the house can be grouped into three categories- entertainment, the junk drawer, and household activities.

Smartphones have become a huge platform for entertainment for us. We use them as a remote control for our TV's, we look up start times of movies, we program our DVR's when we are out of the house, and we even watch our favorite shows on our phones. Our phones also provide entertainment to our kids while at the grocery store, in the car, or waiting at the doctor's office. With all of the apps available, smartphones also act as a portable gaming system for kids, teens, and adults. Music is available at the touch of a button either through an app, for download, or music loaded on to the smartphone. This convenience makes a smartphone the perfect companion to take to the gym out or on a trip. Many smartphones and phablets have a large enough screen to be used as an e-reader in place of carrying stacks of books around with you.

Smartphones have also put a stop to digging through your junk drawer for a paper map, phone or address book, scrap piece of paper, flashlight, timer, and calculator. Finding some of these things used to be a challenge when you really needed it, but now they are all in one easy to find place on your smartphone and you never lose that! Making a quick grocery list, figuring out the sale price of an item, and finding your way in the dark are only a few of the ways your cellphone has taken the place of items in your junk drawer.

Junk Drwaer

Some of the most useful things that your smartphone can do for you fall into the category of Household Activities. It starts each morning with the built in alarm clock and quick check of the weather app. Check the calendar on your phone to see what you have going for the day and even sync a family calendar to everyone's smartphone to keep everyone informed. Banking apps have eliminated the need for you to go to the bank for deposits as well as writing and mailing checks to pay bills. You will never miss an opportunity to take a picture of something cool when you have your smartphone. The great cameras in smartphones are as good as many point-and-shoot cameras on the market today. Capturing those spontaneous special moments with a great picture or video has never been so easy.

Without a smartphone, life just wouldn't be the same. The possibilities of what your cellphone can do for you are endless and customizing them to suit your needs is incredible.