What Is A Feature Phone And Why Would I Want One?

by Scott Lewis on September 23, 2013

Some folks don't need or want a data plan for their phone. A feature phone is perfect for them and might be just what you need. Luckily, every carrier, from Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile to prepaid favorites like MetroPCS and Virgin Mobile, offers affordable and impressive feature phones.

The savings that you could see by using a feature phone and not purchasing a data plan could be as much as a few hundred dollars per year. If you are shopping for your first mobile phone or are just looking for ways to lower your cell phone bill, I recommend a feature phone.

First-time Cell Phone Users
For parents that are looking to get their kids their first cellphone but want to keep the costs under control a feature phone is a great option. For just a few dollars a month, you can add a new line of service to your existing family plan. The slide out QWERTY keyboard on most feature phones will allow your child to easily send text messages to you and their friends, saving your valuable monthly voice minutes.

Lower Your Monthly Bill
We are all tightening our belts and looking to save a penny where we can. Data plan prices vary, but you could save anywhere from $5 to $60 a month by choosing a feature phone. When you buy a feature phone from Wirefly you'll save even more on the price of the phone because we have some of the best cell phone deals around.

Feature Phones Are Not For Everyone
Feature phones with no data plan won't have the applications (apps) that your smartphone might have, but not everyone has a need for apps. Depending on the phone you choose, you may still have music, GPS and other fun favorites.