5 Reasons You Should Buy Your High Schooler A Smartphone

by Jacqueline Bailey on January 17, 2014

Yes, you read that right. It has become the norm to own a smartphone before you have a license, but we're here to tell you why that is probably a good idea. 

Besides the usual whining about how "everyone else has one" there are more legitimate reasons why your high schooler would be better off with a smartphone in their pocket. 

  1. It's extremely easy to stay in touch: Let's face it. Once you buy your teenager a smartphone, they'll always be on it, so you know when they're out it will continue to stay right in front of them. You won't have to worry anymore about their whereabouts when you can easily text back and forth.
  2. Could encourage afterschool activities and getting involved: With the ability to call your teenager at the push of a button, you won't have to worry about what they're doing; you can simply call and ask. And for the shy kids, having their parent's voice in their pocket could encourage them to get more social and involved by sharing phone numbers, taking pictures, and even using the device to figure out homework problems together.
  3. Many schools are moving ahead digitally, such as adding tablets instead of textbooks. Having a smartphone could keep them up-to-date with their teachers and classmates through email. Some teachers are starting to encourage recording lectures and taking photos of the white board to keep notes, according to TODAY. Android and Windows smartphones are incredibly intelligent and high-tech, allowing your student to learn from in the classroom. 
  4. Although it's annoying, it's true...most teenagers (in high school) do own smartphones. Technology isn't a privilege as much anymore as it was before the 21st century. Most students in grades k-12 have grown up with rapidly increasing technology in the form of computers, phones, smartphones, television, etc. Technology has become an enormous part of every day life, so your teenager should be kept up-to-date too. 
  5. Not all smartphones are going to harm your wallet: There are plenty of smartphones and data plans that are perfect for your family and will cater to what you and your high schooler want. Don't be afraid to add the extra phone line when there are so many great and affordable options available at Wirefly! If you buy the right smartphone for your budget and needs, you won't be losing any money and you'll be gaining a more advanced lifestyle.


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