Never Forget Your Reading Glasses Again

by Scott Lewis on January 08, 2014

In today's connected society, you are never without your cellphone, but you may sometimes forget your reading glasses. The newest addition to the Sky Tech Worldwide accessory lineup eliminates the need to carry a separate pair of reading glasses. Without adding bulk to your smartphone's current case, Sky Tech was able to incorporate a pair of reading glasses. They deploy with just a slide up of the small recessed silver button on the back of the case. To store the glasses, you just slide the silver button back down.

Seeing a case like this is why I love coming to the International CES show. Sky Tech Worldwide might not have solved the biggest problem with their new case innovation, but they did make life easier and more convenient for the large population that carries reading glasses.  Follow our CES Live coverage on the Wirefly Buzz BlogWirefly Facebook Page, and the Wirefly Twitter account.