What every parent needs to know before purchasing a new smartphone

by Anne Tempelis on April 24, 2013

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A smartphone is a necessity these days but even more so for any parent. Your phone can make calls, surf the web, and help keep appointments. But what people forget is that for parents, a smartphone can be that needed connection back to reality or even the hero of the day when your child is about to have a meltdown in the most public of places. When purchasing a new phone, there are a few key features that every parent should be sure their new phone has.



What You Need to Know Before You Start

Make sure you are eligible to upgrade your current phone or move to a new carrier to avoid costly pentalties.  We suggest you try out Wirefly's Upgrade Eligibility Checker.

Let's Get Started


A Great Camera: What can we say, parents love to take pictures of their children. We want to capture every moment- the first smile, that funny face, the first day of school. Having a great quality camera on your phone really provides convenience whether at home or on the go. You never have to worry if you forgot to pack the camera, or even where the cord is so you can transfer the pics to your computer. You can easily text, email or upload your photos from your smartphone to any photo site and share them instantly with family and friends via Facebook or Twitter! 

Phones these days have insanely high-quality cameras that rival any point and shoot on the market.  Many even come equipped with editing capabilities.  For example, the Samsung Galaxy S III (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint) has an andvanced 13-megapixel camera that produces HD-quality photos and the HTC One for Sprint has an amazing UltraPixel camera turns images into three-second videos and lets you remove uwanted objects with its Object Removal feature.


Ability To Text...Easily:  Let's face it, there are times when talking (or making any noise) just isn’t an option when caring for little ones.  You probably don't want to discuss why little Tommy was sent to the principal's office when you are in the waiting room at the Doctor's office.  Or hear about your friend's latest blind date disaster after you finally got the baby to sleep and even the slightest sound will wake sleeping beauty from her slumber.  Or you are trying to feed a hungry pack of cubs scouts and need to send a quick grocery list to your spouse asap!  While practically every phone on the planet can send text messages, a Super-Parent needs superhero skills and that means having a phone that makes texting incredibly easy and super fast.   My recommendation:  make sure you can comfortably type on the phone. If you prefer to use two hands to text, you may want to consider a device with a physical QWERTY keyboard like the Samsung Brightside for Verizon Wireless.  If you want an experience that is most similar to typing on a comfortable computer keyboard, you may consider a larger phone in the "Phablet" category like the Note II (Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint).  And lastly, some phone Manufacturers have perfected text input, like Samsung's Swype technology, which lets you use a single finger to draw from letter to letter across the screen, lifting away at the end to reveal each word.  This is great for any parent who never has more than one free hand. 


Large and/or Expandable Memory: This is a MUST-HAVE for every parent.  You absolutely need adequate memory storage for all of the photos and videos you plan to take with your new phone, as well as all the great apps to help you with your budget, chores and of course, to house all the movies, videos and kid-friendly apps that you will come to rely on to entertain your child(ren) in a pinch! 

How much do you really need?  8GB? 16GB? 32GB or 64GB?  Here's a quick little cheat sheet: the average song takes about 4 MB of space, the average photo around 500k of space and the average movie around 1.5 GB of space. This means a device with 16 GB can hold 10 feature-length movies OR 4,000 songs OR up to 32,000 photographs.  That sounds like a lot and it is, but if you plan on keeping your phone for the entire length of your two-year carrier contract and don't anticipate deleting any old movies, photos or games, you may want to consider purchasing a phone with expandable memory or investing in one with at least 32GB on board.


There are many great smartphones on the market that fufill each of these neccessities. Be sure to check them out at Wirefly!