Making The Switch From iOS To Android

by Jacqueline Bailey on January 15, 2014

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Have you recently made the switch from a beloved Apple device to a high-tech Android smartphone? Well you've made a great decision. 

It's hard to not think about what life might be like with a different smartphone, especially when there are so many great Android options and only a few updated iPhones. If you've made the switch from iOS to Android, you're probably wondering what to do with all of your photos and videos. Sometimes we can make this transferring process harder for ourselves by not looking up the correct information so, like always, Wirefly is here to help. 

Although there are several ways to transfer photos and videos, like using the iCloud and AirDroid and simply dragging the photos to your USB connected Android device, we decided to show you a simple step-by-step process of how to do this manually. 

What You Need to Know Before You Start

  • You'll need to set up a Google account for your new Android device (not mandatory, but easier to use the device this way)
  • You should also already have your iPhone backed up on your computer, with the photos you want to transfer all in one place. Most people use iCloud for this
  • Try to delete any unwanted photos that you don't want to carry over from phone to phone
  • Make sure you have ample storage for the photos and videos you want to transfer

Let's Get Started

Transferring iOS Photos To Android

First import your iPhone photos to your computer by connecting your device to the computer and clicking "My Computer" and then "Import pictures and videos."

Create New Folder

Create a folder to place those photos. Once all the photos are imported onto your computer, disconnect the Apple device and plug in the Android. 

Move Photos From Folder To Device

Once the Android device is connected via USB, simply move your photos and videos in the newly created folder to your Android device. This may take a few minutes, but after that you will be done!


If you've recently switched from an iOS smartphone to an Android, you've already made a great decision. Especially if you shopped online at Wirefly! Wirefly offers the best Android devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or the Galaxy S 4. There are a lot of ways to transfer photos, so do what is right for you and your devices.