How To Transfer Your Music From iTunes To An Android Smartphone

by Michele Farlow on November 21, 2013

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Ready to switch to an Android smartphone but worried about losing all of that iTunes music you spent time and money on? Let Wirefly help make this transition a lot easier for you. Transferring all of your music from iTunes to your new Android device is very simple and there are many different options for how to do this.

One way you can transfer your music is also the most basic and traditional of ways. You can manually transfer your music by copying your music out of iTunes and into a temporary folder on your PC or simply open the iTunes folder in your directory. Once you connect your Android device with a USB cable, you can transfer your music from the PC temporary folder or iTunes folder to your phone's music folder.


What You Need to Know Before You Start

Plug your Android smartphone into your PC with a USB cable. You can find one in the box that your phone came in. Once plugged in you will see a pop up appear on you home screen. Choose "Disk Drive" which will allow your phone to act like a USB stick or portable hard drive so that you can store files. 

Let's Get Started

Desktop Tab For PC

Find your iTunes music folder in your PC directory. You will find this folder by opening up your "Libraries" folder and then clicking on "Music" or clicking on the "Start" button on the bottom left of your PC screen and clicking on the "Music" folder located on the right side of the tab as shown in picture. 

Music Folder On Android Smartphone

Next, find the music folder on your phone from the PC screen. By clicking on "Open Folder To View Files" you will be able to see all of the folders currently on your new phone. Find the one called "Music" and open it.

Transfering Music from iTunes to An Android Smartphone

Simply drag the files from your computer iTunes Music folder to the "Music" folder on your phone. Depending on how many songs you have in your music library, the file transfer might take a few seconds to a few minutes.  Once you are done, unplug the phone from your PC. You can now find all of your music on your smartphone and ready to be played. 


Moving music from your iTunes to your new Android smartphone is very easy. All you need is the USB cable that already comes with your Android phone and the easy steps provided to ensure a hassle-free experience.