Director Michael Bay Transforms And Rolls Out!

by Scott Lewis on January 06, 2014

The action has kicked off here in Las Vegas and I don't mean at the blackjack table. While I was still traveling to CES 2014, Samsung held a press conference to announce some great new devices that I will be providing coverage of shortly. During the Samsung press conference, something happened that I found amusing.

Michael Bay, director of films such as Transformers, was on hand to help Samsung executives talk about their new curved TV and how it might enhance the viewing experience for at home viewers. That's where things took a turn. As seen in the attached CNET video, when the teleprompter malfunctioned, Bay could not even answer a simple question. As he walked off stage all he could say was, "I'm sorry". It goes to show you that just because someone is famous for directing big blockbuster films, doesn't mean that you can think fast on your feet.

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