CES 2014: What Wirefly’s Excited About

by Scott Lewis on January 02, 2014

Manufacturers like HTC, Sony, LG, and Samsung have used the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to highlight innovative new technology to the public. Many companies have been holding back their best of the best products in hopes of making a big splash in the media during the show.

While CES 2014 is not open to the public, more than 152,000 will be in attendance with over 150 countries represented. The products showcased will range from apps to entertain you and help you be more efficient to high-tech smart TV with 4K resolution.

One of the innovative tech trends that our Live Coverage team is excited about is the explosion of wearable tech. We cannot wait to get out hands on some of the new fitness tech that is designed to help keep you motivated and informed about your fitness goals. The explosion of devices that can connect to your smartphone, there will be no shortage of companies standing in line to produce all kinds of different wearable tech that pushes the envelope of what you thought was possible.

While 3D printers stole the show at last year's CES, we cannot wait to see the new advancements in this exciting area of technology. We expect to see 3D printing in different types of materials than the standard plastics and we expect to see larger printers that are able to handle larger designs. When you think about what is possible with 3D printing technology, it is very easy to get excited about the future of design.

Last but certainly not least, we are looking forward to seeing all of the new smartphones, cellphones, and tablets. While some of the big manufacturers are now holding separate launch press events, some of the most exciting midlevel and value smartphones and tablets have debuted at CES. While we love a good high-end flagship smartphone, not everyone needs or wants to pay for it. These midlevel phones make up a vast majority of what consumers are purchasing when they sign up for new service.

These are just a few of the exciting categories that we look forward to covering during our time at CES 2014. If you are really excited by something you see or hear about at CES 2014 and want some more information, make sure to drop us a line on Twitter at @Wirefly and we will try to get you the coverage you want.