CES 2014

The International Consumer Electronics Show or CES has been the place to view emerging technologies for more than 40 years. More than 3,200 exhibitors come to Las Vegas with the hopes of catching the eye of the more than 152,000 attendees from more than 150 countries. The only drawback about the Consumer Electronic Show is that it is not open to the public. So if you are interested in seeing innovative tech and products that will soon be on the shelves in your local store, the CES2014 Live Coverage section on the Wirefly Buzz Blog is the place for you.

CES2014: CHECKLIGHT By Reebok Monitors Head Impact During The Game

January 17, 2014 11:15am by Tracy Lewis

CES 2014 was full of wearable tech from calorie counters to watches and everything in between. We have all seen the reports that head injuries like concussions are on the rise due to sports related injuries. Reebok has made it a top priority to make sure that when an injury occurs, it can be better assessed. The CHECKLIGHT by Reebok is a skullcap, that can either be worn alone or under a helmet, that measures head impact during sports or other activities.

Using a small display on the back of the neck the CHECKLIGHT displays information such as how hard the impact was and how many total impacts the player has been exposed to.

It does not prevent the injury, but using the built-in sensors it measures the severity of the impacts as well as provides consistent...

CES2014: Be Careful The Yellow Jacket Case Will Stun You

January 17, 2014 9:43am by Tracy Lewis

I normally think about cases as a way to protect my phone not the phone protecting me, but the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun smartphone case does both. It has a high powered 950,000 volt stun gun built right into the case. Wondering the floor at CES I saw all kinds of neat stuff, limited time kept me from looking at everything, however, how can anyone resist a stun gun demo. Right?


This concept was introduced last year, but the slimmer design, increased power, and other upgrades made to the new products make it even better. The case itself is now detachable from the stun gun portion.

This allows for you to only attach it when it might be necessary. For example, while at the office you don't need to carry it, but you could attach it before you walk into...

CES2014: PETBIT Keeps Track Of Your Pet's Activity

January 14, 2014 1:45pm by Tracy Lewis

Most people treat their pets as members of their family which means that they are concerned with the health of their dog or cat just as they are their own health. PETBIT allows you to track your pet's activity in real time 24 hours a day. By using the PETBIT Activity Tracker and the PETBIT app you can monitor and track trends in your pet's activity.  It also has a built in acceleromter, temperature sensor, and light sensor. These will allow you to keep track of things like steps taken and temperature.  

After syncing the device using Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet you can set goals for your pet and you will be able to encourage your pet to be healthy and active as well has help to eliminate pet obesity.  The PETBIT has an internal rechargeable battery that...

CES2014: June- Technology To Keep You Looking Beautiful

January 14, 2014 9:25am by Tracy Lewis

CES 2014 was not just about 3D printing, curved TVs, or the latest tablet. There was also a huge focus on items to help you get healthy and stay healthy. One of the newest products by the Netatmo company is called June. June is a fashionable device that along with its companion app tracks your exposure to the sun. When spending the afternoon at the pool or beach we are more aware of how much sun we are getting, but most sun damage comes from every day exposure. I know that when I am sitting at my son's baseball game I don't always think of it as being in the sun and I forget to apply sunscreen. The app is tailored towards you sun habits and skin type to give you information that best fits your personal needs.

Using its jewel sensor it tracks the UV rays in real time. The...

Wirefly Goes Hands-on With New Samsung Galaxy NotePro & TabPro At CES2014

January 13, 2014 5:12pm by Scott Lewis

While at CES 2014, I was able to get my hands on some great new technology. One of my favorites was the new lineup of Samsung tablets. The lineup consists of a new Galaxy NotePro 12.2, TabPro 12.2, TabPro, 10.1, and TabPro 8.4.

The NotePro 12.2 and TabPro 12.2 are almost identical except that the NotePro comes equipped with the integrated Samsung S-Pen. The S-Pen is a stylus that helps you to navigate the tablet without using your fingertips and allows you to do some special tricks. When you remove the S-Pen from its home on the top right-hand side of the NotePro 12.2, the Air Command window pops up on the display. From the Air Command window you can write memos to yourself, snip a picture from the display to save or share, search from content stored on your device, and even...

CES2014: eInk Shows How To Bike In Style

January 13, 2014 4:26pm by Tracy Lewis

The Faraday Company debuted their new Porteur model bicycle at CES 2014. The bike has a cool style and is extremely functional. It has a sleek design that is truly eye catching. Your friends will never believe that it is electric. I am sure that you are asking yourself "Why was this bike at CES?" Well, CES is about more than just super high tech gadgets and gear it is also about the new and innovative ways that technologies can be used. 

The Porteur uses the eInk technology to display its battery life. This is important to make sure that your bike is always ready to go. eInk is the technology used in eletronic paper displays such as eReaders.  It provides great contrast in any light and is always on.  eInk had several really cool innovative ways to use their technology from the...

eInk Luggage Tags Make Air Travel a Breeze

January 10, 2014 3:36pm by Tracy Lewis

One of the least expensive and reliable technologies available is eInk. It is most commonly used in things like eReaders, calculators, and watches. At CES 2014 we saw a few of the newest ways it is poking into everyday lives. I was able to try out the new eInk luggage tag. With this luggage tag there will be no more waiting in line to check bags. The eInk luggage tag uses RFID to transfer flight information from your smartphone or tablet to the reusable luggage tag via Bluetooth. Simply input your flight information and sync to the tag. In addition to flight numbers, the eInk tag will also display a barcode for the airline to scan.Another really cool feature of the luggage tag is that you can track your luggage location. Periodically the tag will send a text message to your phone. This...

CES: Radiation Free Wireless Charging From iNPOFi

January 10, 2014 2:50pm by Tracy Lewis

CES 2014 awarded iNPOFi's Wireless Charging System with a PMA Hot Pick award. This wireless charging system works with iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S and Samsung's Galaxy SIII and S4. It allows for rapid charging at a high power transfer efficiency rate while emitting ZERO radiation. It also releases very little heat in the process so both the board and the phone's battery stay cool. The Wireless Charging System cases are compatible with iPhone4, 4S ,5, and 5S. The flip cases are compatible with the Galaxy SIII and S4.

For charging an individual phone, you would just need the kit that comes with the case and the charging board. One of my favorite parts about it is that you can get boards that will charge multiple phones at one time. The charging boards have a built in rechargeable...


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