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With hundreds of thousands of smartphones apps available, how do you know what the best app to download from the Google Play (formally known as Android Market), BlackBerry World, or Windows Phone Store? Wirefly reviews the best smartphone apps for productivity and personalization of your smartphone. And, of course, we’ll tell you which games are more fun.

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Bitstrips App for Android and iPhone

Bitstrips Is The New Way To Communicate!

October 30, 2013 | by Michele Farlow

Ever wondered what you would look like as a cartoon? Well, now's your chance with the Bitstrips app for Android and iPhone. Bitstrips gives you a new and fun way to communicate with friends by designing a cartoon version of yourself and your friends, and then adding those Avatars into many different comic scenarios.

Having a bad day at work... read more

Google Keep Smartphone App

Google Keep: The Digital Filing Cabinet

October 28, 2013 | by Jacqueline Bailey

As everything quickly moves into the digital age, filing cabinets are becoming a thing of the past. At least Google wants you to think so.

Google's operating system on Android now offers an amazing new app called Google Keep, where you can file your reminders, thoughts, and just simple notes that you think of throughout the day. It works with Google Now, which already gives you most of your news information when you want it, to remind you of even simpler things, like what to pick up at the grocery store. You can even make it seem like a physical list by checking off items as you go. 

Like everything Google has to offer, this smartphone app is extremely intelligent, so it... read more

ZombieBooth App Shots

ZombieBooth Lets You Look Express Your Zombie Side

October 17, 2013 | by A. Balasubramanian

Want to scare away your stalker ex with a creepy image of yourself? Laugh at a grotesque version of you? Get really close to the psyche of a Zombie? If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you need to check out Zombie Booth!

First off, it's free! You can "Zombify" pictures of family and friends on your camera phone or even Facebook. I wanted to see what heights of Zombification I could reach, and so decided to spook myself out to smithereens! I first hit the camera button and took a clean cut shot of my face. You get a set of... read more

Ghost Tour App Icon

Ghost Tours - Helps You Find Haunted Houses Near You

October 15, 2013 | by Jenn Steere

If there's something strange in the neighborhood...add it to Ghost Tour! Being an enthusiast of ghost stories and haunted houses, I was on the hunt for an app that would locate real haunted locations around me. Well, guess what!? There is an app for that! It's called Ghost Tour. Ghost Tour was designed to allow anyone to enter a real life haunted location. I found this to be interesting because there were hauntings listed that you may not find in any books. There is a good mix of unique stories, but also contains stories of some of my favorite haunts.

You can search by state or by map, which is set near your location. There is a tab called "My Places" which saves any place that you enter in yourself. There is also a tab called "What's New", so that you can see what has been... read more

Zombie Run! for Andorid and iOS

Zombies - Your Motivation To Get Out And Run

October 15, 2013 | by Rob W.

Scared of zombies? Need inspiration for your daily running routine? Then "Zombie, Run!" is the app for you! One second your running on a supply run and the voice tells you to turn the corner, and bam, a horde of brain eating zombies starts chasing you. How do you get away? RUN FASTER!!!

Here's how the app works. There are 23 missions for you to choose from. Open the app and choose a mission before you begin your run. Put your headphones and get ready for survival. The mission starts with a cut scene where the story of the other characters is set up. Now you have the option of selecting music from one of your playlists. Randomly you'll get request for medicine and food while jogging. Then you hear the dreaded " Warning! Zombies X amount of meters away". This is where you need to... read more

SpecTrek Map

Do You Want To Be A Ghostbuster?

October 14, 2013 | by Rob W.

Have you ever wanted to be a real life Ghostbuster? Do you think you're too old for trick-or-treating but you still love ghouls and ghosts? Then Spek Trek might be the app for you! Spek Trek is a virtual ghost experience that that uses your phone's GPS to turn it into a ghost-hunting compass.

When the game loads you have the option of choosing 3 game modes. Short which is 15 minutes, a 45 minutes medium length game, or long which is 2 hours. After you choose your game length, an interface similar to... read more

Pumpkin Maker App

Design The Perfect Pumpkin With The Pumpkin Maker App

October 14, 2013 | by Rob W.

Want all the fun of creating pumpkins without the mess? Pumpkin maker allows you to make a wide assortment of designs. Scary, goofy, or funny pumpkins are at your disposal on your Android smartphone. Pumpkin Maker is available at the Google Play store.

First choose your pumpkin (big, small, round, or oval, even a green or white pumpkin) then choose eyes nose and a mouth from the many available options. Next you can accessorize your carvation with a hairstyle, glasses, and ears & a nose from your favorite animal.


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