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With hundreds of thousands of smartphones apps available, how do you know what the best app to download from the Google Play (formally known as Android Market), BlackBerry World, or Windows Phone Store? Wirefly reviews the best smartphone apps for productivity and personalization of your smartphone. And, of course, we’ll tell you which games are more fun.

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minube Smartphone App

Became An Educated Tourist With Minube

February 19, 2014 | by Jacqueline Bailey

If you've been looking for a way out of this horrific winter storm season, you should start looking in the app minube!

Minube is a smartphone app that connects you with thousands of other travellers who are constantly sharing their favorite places to stay, eat, and relax! It works like a social network site, where you have followers and receive notifications when somebody invites you to join their page.

How it works is you post what you like, whether it's a text post or a photo, of your favorite restaraunt, site, beach, etc. showing how great of a time you had there. All of your followers will see what you post, and the... read more

Create Your Travel Packing List On Your Smartphone

February 19, 2014 | by Tracy Lewis

I don't know about you, but I have to make a list before I can start to pack for a vacation or even a day trip. The free Packing List app, available from the Google Play Store, lets you create a custom packing list or you can use the master packing list that they supply. You can also begin with the master packing list as a base point and add or remove items until your list is complete. There is a suggested list for camping, skiing, and picnics as well as categories like toiletries, kids, and clothes.... read more

Hotel Tonight Smartphone App

Hotel Tonight May Save Your Vacation

February 14, 2014 | by Jacqueline Bailey

If you've ever been stuck in a sticky situation where you need a last-minute hotel room, then you know how stressful finding one can be. Hotel Tonight is a constantly updating smartphone app that provides you with budget-friendly hotel rooms wherever you are. 

Hotel Tonight, available in both the Google Play store and iTunes App Store, is useful no matter when you need a hotel. Not only does it show you hotels in your area, but it provides you with great deals and discounts. 

This smartphone app is great for those times... read more

Concur App For Smartphones & Tablets

Concur: Keep All Your Expenses In One Place

February 12, 2014 | by Michele Farlow

During these winter months most of us want nothing more than to get away from the cold in any way we can. Whether it's a business trip for a few days or a family vacation for a whole week, we are looking forward to escaping the reality of it all. Vacations are meant to be fun and hassle free, but as most of you already know expenses can make your perfect vacation seem a lot less perfect. Why not let your smartphone help make that trouble of keeping your money organized a little easier for you.

The Concur app is free to... read more

KAYAK App For Smartphones

KAYAK: Cure The Winter Blues With A Much Needed Getaway!

February 11, 2014 | by Michele Farlow

For those of us who live in areas where the weather has been unbearably cold this year, this is just about the time most of us start dreaming about that beach vacation where we can soak up the sun and be outside for more than ten minutes without worrying about getting frostbite. The Winter Blues are officially here, and because good old Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, we still have many more weeks of winter ahead of us.

So if you are feeling a little blue and need a few days away from the blizzards, freezing rain, and below zero temperatures, download the KAYAK app on your... read more

Candy Crush Is Taking Over My Life

February 06, 2014 | by Tracy Lewis

Candy Crush is by far the most addictive game that I have ever downloaded. Just consider that your warning. Candy Crush is a multi-level game full of switching and swapping sweet candy pieces to reach the goal of the level. I am currently on level 165 where I am STUCK and have been for the last few weeks. I am not sure exactly how many levels there are, but I think it is around 500. With that many levels the app will be able to keep you busy for a while! The app gives you only so many lives at a time, and you earn more as the clock ticks, I am glad that the game doesn't give you unlimited lives because I might waste my whole day playing the game. However, you can ask your Facebook friends to send you more lives and keep the game going.

The Candy Crush app is available for free... read more

Netflix- Watch At Home Or On The Go

February 06, 2014 | by Tracy Lewis

Netflix is one app that I could not live without. It streams movies and tv episodes to your smartphone or tablet. There are thousands of titles available to meet every interest. It is perfect to catch up on a past season of your favorite sitcom or hand over to the kids to entertain them at the grocery store. You can pause, fast forward, rewind, and even re-watch anything in the Netflix library. After you log into the app with your Netflix account info you can set up profiles for each user.


This is my favorite feature of the app because I have young kids. I can set up their profiles with viewing restrictions to ensure that only age appropriate content is available to them. If they pause their program halfway through, the next time they log in it will be there for... read more


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