Zombies - Your Motivation To Get Out And Run

by Rob W. on October 15, 2013
App Name: Zombie, Run!
Operating System: iOS, Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 10/14/13)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

Scared of zombies? Need inspiration for your daily running routine? Then "Zombie, Run!" is the app for you! One second your running on a supply run and the voice tells you to turn the corner, and bam, a horde of brain eating zombies starts chasing you. How do you get away? RUN FASTER!!!

Here's how the app works. There are 23 missions for you to choose from. Open the app and choose a mission before you begin your run. Put your headphones and get ready for survival. The mission starts with a cut scene where the story of the other characters is set up. Now you have the option of selecting music from one of your playlists. Randomly you'll get request for medicine and food while jogging. Then you hear the dreaded " Warning! Zombies X amount of meters away". This is where you need to pick up the pace. It doesn't matter if you are running, jogging or walking, at this point you need to pick up the pace or the zombies WILL catch up to you. If you are successful you will hear the audio prompt "zombies evaded".

When you're not out for a run the app still has a lot to offer. Under the supplies tab you can see all the things you've picked up on your runs and the base has a section you can level up using the supplies you've found. While this doesn't ad or take away from the running experience it adds more depth and enjoyment to the app.

For the social runner you have the ability to set up a Zombielink account. You can see how far you've ran compared to other players, the amount of zombies you've encountered plus tally your supplies to other players.


  • Great FREE app that puts a little fun in your run
  • Level up by ollecting supplies


  • Does not track calories burned
  • Missions will last 30-40 minutes and you can not extend them

Final Verdict

Will this replace accurate fitness apps? No. But we all need inspiration and sometimes numbers just don't cut it. We could all use some brain-eating zombies to get our butts out of our seats. I look forward to seeing what they add to this app in the future.