Wrapp: Give Gifts From Your Smartphone!

by Michele Farlow on January 28, 2014
App Name: Wrapp
Operating System: iOS, Android
App Cost: $0.00 (as of 01/28/14)

Why This is Wirefly BUZZworthy

If you have been paying attention to Facebook lately, you will have noticed that more and more people are starting to exchange gifts through Facebook. If you have been wondering how that works, myself and Wirefly are here to tell you.

First, let me start of by telling you how this app works. It is free to download and available on any Android or Apple smartphone. The Wrapp app allows you to purchase gifts from many leading retailers and send to your friends and family via Facebook, email, or text. The entire transaction can be done on your phone. You can purchase gift cards from over 200 retailers, and have those sent directly to the person you bought for. They will be notified either through a Facebook message, email, or text letting them know that you have given them a gift and how to redeem. This is a great way to buy for friends that might live far away or that you might not have the chance to see before their birthday, holiday, or other special event. You can also send friends exclusive free gifts and offers that you will receive just from being a part of the Wrapp group.

Wrapp Official App

Wrapp is also great for browsing and shopping for you. If you are as much of a shopper as I am, this will send you into overload but in a good way. You can follow brands, visit online retailers, and check what products they have in stock right from the app. It's a great way to indulge in all of your favorite stores and not have to jump from site to site. You will also receive notifications about new promotions that are available so if you are going out shopping, you will always have an offer in your pocket.


  • Shop many retailers in one location
  • Give gifts from your smartphone
  • Get exclusive offers and free gifts to use in-store or online
  • Follow brands to learn about new product and offers
  • FREE


  • None

Final Verdict

This app is great for the shopping lover who likes to stay in the know of all of the great promotions and offers their favorite brands have as well as being able to buy gifts for firends and family right from their smartphones. This app allows you to do all of your shopping and browsing in one location.